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Written by Olivier Salmon

September 28, 2020

About a month ago I came across an article on Zwift Insider about the WTRL TTT.

Don’t ask me what WTRL stands for, I still don’t know. But I do know TTT is for Team Time Trial and if I wanted to try it out I needed three people to ride with me. So I went on our newly released forum and asked for volunteers.

I was lucky, it caught Liam’s attention. And, to my greatest pleasure – as I’m badly disorganized – he took it from there.  He found two other guinea pigs (Andrea and Chris), registered us for our first WRTL race (and the following ones), and set up a Discord server so we can chat – and even video call – during our sessions.

The first race was in Harrogate. Chris established our tactics prior to the event and we tried to stick to it as much as possible. It’s fair to say we succeeded.

The second race was a bit of a shocker. I’ve messed it up by entering the wrong event. And Andrea had Bluetooth issues. So a race to forget!

The third one was in Watopia. A less hilly route than Harrogate. But despite a slow start (we lost one rider at the start), we’ve managed to finish altogether, improving our previous time.

Course Dist./ km Date Time Riders Category Position Fastest rider km/h Us km/h % diff to top
UCI Harrogate 27.6 10-Sep 0:45:16 AT, CD, LM, OS Frappe 92/144 41.55 36.58 12%
Watopia Hilly Reverse 27.71 24-Sep 0:43:13 AT, CD, LM, OS Frappe 127/149 44.18 38.46 13%

I thought it would be nice to have a little weekly challenge in our triathletes’ life and am therefore inviting any BTS members to set up a team and join the fun. I’ve extended the invitation to local Tri clubs using our Instagram account and I have to say it’s been quite popular. Our most commented post so far! Expect riders from Tri20, Evo Tri, TVT and PTMC (ex Evo members) to join the fun.

IG WTRL Comments

IG WTRL Comments


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  1. LiamM

    Love the picture Olivier -but who is that too far off the group ?!!. If anyone wants to join our team or set up another BTS one , feel free to get in touch – it’s easy to do either when you know what the steps are and happy to share those, No costs as long as you already have a Zwift setup at home.