WTRL Team Time Trial Update for January 2021


Written by Olivier Salmon

January 30, 2021

It’s been a while since a TTT update what with Christmas festivities and New Year resolutions, but we’ve managed to field two teams every week, numbers are growing, and results keep improving.

New Year’s Eve – Road to Sky/Alpe du Zwift, was the TTT of the year and our best results ever.  The course was the Alpe du Zwift – a 12km climb at an average of 8.5%. We chose to do the 8:15 am Zone 1 race as our normal 6:05 pm one would have impacted the Tier 4 NYE parties.

That meant we were mostly competing against Asian and Australia/NZ teams, with the Europeans and Americans to come later. Results for Zone 1 race: BTS 2nd, and BTS 2 6th    Then the rest of the world came out to play and we were bumped down a bit but both teams still in top 3rd of the overall table.

BTS tactics were to draft race to the bottom of the hill, then every man for himself to the top. That meant that I, as   3rd team finisher, 1min35s  behind Chris, which cost us 10 places in the overall rankings. BTS2 stayed together for a team cruise to the top which turns out was just as effective seeing the results.

The First 2021 ride was in France: Casse-Pattes, a short one to start the year, and we had a full complement of 8 for BTS 2 including, first-time TTTer  Pete F.. We also heard a new excuse for missing the start “due to falling over new Wi-fi router lead”! 

Between that and the next one, Jan 14, Watopia Figure Reverse, two KOMs, we learned from Paul F. how to plan the race strategy with spreadsheets. Richard L. joined for the first time and but we lost Andrea T and Andy Hey on the start line due to technology glitches – it happens to all of us.

Next week was fast and furious on the “second-flattest route in all of Zwift”, Tick Tock and BTS  team recorded their  2nd fastest speed for a TTT and not a bad time for BTS2 

Finally this week,  Richmond UCI with a  3 hill course, two laps, so 6 hills in all. First mixed team (welcome Andrea V.) and also third time lucky for Andy H. who finally got to complete a ride on 3rd attempt.  Both teams were over 2 mins faster than when we previously did this route on 5th Nov 2020, and BTS was the 2nd Tri team in their category. 

So we may all be missing the water,  but is the weekly TTT becoming Better Than Swimming

See you next week for:

WTRL Team Time Trial #94 –   Watopia Hilly Route Reverse – 3 Laps (27.71km) 

Dist./ km Date Time Riders # Riders Category Position Fastest team km/h BTS km/h % diff to top
Road to Sky 17.3 31-12 1:09:16 AT, DH, RM, SW 4 Latte 29/94 16.59 14.98 9.7%
00:59:30 CD, LM, OS 3 Frappe 32/115 19.48 17.44.63 10.47%
Casse-Pattes 23.9 07-Jan 00:39:30 AT, DH, MB, ML, RM, PF, SW, RM 7 Latte 199/266 42.34 36.3 14.27%
00:31:09 AD, CD, LM, MW 4 Frappe 143/272 44.7 40.31 9.82%
Watopia Figure 8 Reverse 29.71 14-Jan 00:56:22 MB, ML, MS, PF, RL, SW 6 Latte 274/276 41.87 31.61 24.5%
00:44:50 AD, CD, LM, MW, RM 5 Frappe 194/306 44.31 39.74 10.31%
Tick Tock 36.33 21-Jan 00:58:19 DH, MB, ML, RL, SW 5 Latte 248/286 43.79 37.35 14.71%
00:51:10 AT, AD, CD, LM, MW, RM 6 Frappe 151/332 46.49 42.56 8.45%
Richmond UCI Worlds 32.8 28-Jan 00:59:00.16 AH, AT, AV, DH, ML, MS 6 Latte 256/275 41.22 33.354 19.08%
00:49:10.63 AD, AG, CD, LM, MW, RM 6 Frappe 119/266 44.17 40.019 9.40%

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