Zwift WTRL TTT 22 Oct 2020

Innsbruck WTRL TTT

Written by Olivier Salmon

October 23, 2020

So that was an exciting week. We went from two teams of 4+ to one merged team, to only one team with 2 new joiners, and a solo fast rider, all in about 48 hrs, and still managed to get a BTS2  team of 7 on the start line ready to go at 6:17.5 .

Well, we thought we did, but Zwift technology caught us out and sent Matt and David off on another race, and then Mike L. had a power meter problem at the start, , so it wasn’t till about 6 km in that we finally had a team of 5 racing in a line, of whom 4 finished, all within 1 second.

Andrea was kept busy picking stragglers up and pulling them back into the group. It was an excellent practice at staying together and drafting, and we did overtake a few teams, but I’m sure nothing to shout about this week time-wise. WTRL hasn’t published results yet anyway, looks like their web service is really suffering, but you can see your individual times on

For the 5th week out of 6  we had a BTS team on the start line, new people joining every week which is great, and more learning about how to get all the tech working.

Next week’s race:  Thursday 29th October 2020:  WTRL Team Time Trial #80,   Watopia’s Waistband – 1 Lap (27.977km).

We’ve entered BTS and BTS 2 as usual for the 6.05 pm race.


Course Dist./ km Date Time Riders Category Position Fastest team km/h Us km/h % diff to top
UCI Harrogate 27.6 10-Sep 0:45:16 AT, CD, LM, OS Frappe 92/144 41.55 36.58 12%
Watopia Hilly Reverse 27.71 24-Sep 0:43:13 AT, CD, LM, OS Frappe 127/149 44.18 38.46 13%
Volcano Flat Reverse 37.1 01-Oct 0:57:07 AC, AT, CD, LM, MS, OS Frappe 115/148 44.49 38.98 12%
Sand and Sequoias 43.1 08-Oct 01:03:07 AC, AD, AT, CD, LM, MS, OS, SW Frappe 119/204 44.95 40.68 9%
Watopia Flat 30.465 15-Oct 44:15.1 AC, AD, CD, EN, OS Frappe 83/172 45.15 41.49 8%
49:46.9 AT, LM, ML, MS, SW Latte 107/135 42.63 36.88 13%
Innsbruck 27.2 22-Oct 39.56 OS Frappe 40.2
AT, LM, ML, MS, MB, SW, DH Latte


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