Zwift WTRL TTT 10 Dec 2020


Written by Olivier Salmon

December 11, 2020

Thank you to Liam for putting the race result together, again. Happy reading!

Race results below, in the chart. Don’t forget to scroll right and down. 2nd fastest speed ever by BTS,  a huge jump up the table into the top half by BTS2, and fastest speed relative to the winners ever – it certainly helps having seven riders, even if only 6 count*.

Hope BTS2 have recovered from the trauma of the “attack via  Zwift messaging by green vegans “. I can’t recall the exact details of who overtook who and when and  how many times but basically a cat and mouse game of being overtaken and then overtaking a few times (3?), and it all getting a bit messy at times with stragglers from both teams intermingled,  ended up in them discussing on the Zwift chat with other teams how ‘not cool’ we were. We channelled our anger into one last attempt to overtake them with 300m to go , which split us up again – a 2sec gap from 1st to 5th (the rider that counts)  across the line. Anyway a bit of different excitement for a Thursday night and if you look on the WTRL website and Facebook page it’s something that happens very often, luckily we’ve avoided it so far.  It seems to have made us go faster overall.

BTS had a straightforward and fast race from what I’ve heard with Andy’s bike holding out this time – no hills, Andy G. guesting again (was he not moving house?) and Olivier bagging 31 PRs.

*One last point I noticed is Mark W. rode with BTS2 because his ZP tag is still set to “BTS” is down as the slowest finisher, by 3min, in the BTS team result. So thanks for helping us along Mark for no recognition in the BTS2 results – we enjoyed your stints at the front and your company!

*Rode with BTS2 but tagged BTS

Next week – it’s a long one, with a KOM, twice! Pacing the effort   for an 1hr plus ride will be key.

WTRL Team Time Trial #87 – Sand And Sequoias – 2 Laps (42.836km) – Thursday 17th December 2020

We last did this on 3rd October. Our time  was  01:03:07  and the team was a “combined one”:  AC, AD, AT, CD, LM, MS, OS, SW, so there’s a target time to beat for both teams.

  Dist./ km Date Time Riders Category Position Fastest team km/h Us km/h % diff to top
Greater London Flat 28.9 10-Dec 41:06.3 AD, AG, CD, OS Frappe 115/265 46.29 42.18 9%
      44:09.9 AT, DH, LM, ML, RM, MW*, SW Latte 123/252 43.7 39.26 10%
Harrogate Circuit Reverse 27.334 03-Dec 44:07.2 AD (DNF), AG, CD, LM, OS Frappe 84/263 40.85 37.13 9%
      55:48.1 AT, DH, MB, ML, SW Latte 211/233 37.83 29.35 22%
Magnificent 8 28.85 26-Nov 42:35.6 AD, CD, LM, OS, MW Frappe 174/268 45.38 40.85 10%
      47:07.3 AT, DH, MB, (MS), SW Latte 182/230 42.88 36.93 14%
Watopia Hilly 27.4 19-Nov 41.45.8 CD, LM, OS Frappe 120/225 44.21 39.36 11%
      49:38.6 AT, DH, MB, SW Latte 175/192 41.02 33.12 19%
Fuego Flats 37.12 12-Nov 51:51.5 AD, CD, EN, OS, MW Frappe 128/246 47.02 42.92 9%
      58:21.6 AT, DH, MB, (ML, MS, SW), LM Latte 197/222 44.1 38.14 14%
Richmond UCI 32.8 05-Nov 51:45.0 OS, CD, MW Frappe 159/215 43.54 38.03 13%
      01:01:32 AT, DH, MB, ML, MS, SW Latte 193/205 40.45 32 21%
Innsbruck 27.2 22-Oct 39.56 OS Frappe     40.2  
        AT, LM, ML, MS, MB, SW, DH Latte        
Watopia Flat 30.465 15-Oct 44:15.1 AC, AD, CD, EN, OS Frappe 83/172 45.15 41.49 8%
      49:46.9 AT, LM, ML, MS, SW Latte 107/135 42.63 36.88 13%
Sand and Sequoias 43.1 08-Oct 01:03:07 AC, AD, AT, CD, LM, MS, OS, SW Frappe 119/204 44.95 40.68 9%
Volcano Flat Reverse 37.1 01-Oct 0:57:07 AC, AT, CD, LM, MS, OS Frappe 115/148 44.49 38.98 12%
Watopia Hilly Reverse 27.71 24-Sep 0:43:13 AT, CD, LM, OS Frappe 127/149 44.18 38.46 13%
UCI Harrogate 27.6 10-Sep 0:45:16 AT, CD, LM, OS Frappe 92/144 41.55 36.58 12%

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