Zwift WTRL TTT 08 Oct 2020

WTRL TTT 08102020

Written by Olivier Salmon

October 9, 2020

Another week and another great team time trial on Zwift. With a record 8 BTS members!

Below are our results, our best race so far, relatively.

We’ve entered BTS for 6:05 pm again (30km, Watopia Flat Route). With the hope to see more of BTS members and maybe have 2 teams in for the first time.

Course Dist./ km Date Time Riders Category Position Fastest team km/h Us km/h % diff to top
UCI Harrogate 27.6 10-Sep 0:45:16 AT, CD, LM, OS Frappe 92/144 41.55 36.58 12%
Watopia Hilly Reverse 27.71 24-Sep 0:43:13 AT, CD, LM, OS Frappe 127/149 44.18 38.46 13%
Volcano Flat Reverse 37.1 01-Oct 0:57:07 AC, AT, CD, LM, MS, OS Frappe 115/148 44.49 38.98 12%
Sand and Sequoias 43.1 08-Oct 01:03:07 AC, AD, AT, CD, LM, MS, OS, SW Frappe 119/204 44.95 40.68 9%


Team Work

All inline – ish. Making the most of Zwift drafting.

Zipp wheels

The more you ride on Zwift, the more kit you will unlock. 

TTT Start

Making sure everyone is here at the start before going full-on.

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