Week 1 – SLT arena games London club championships


Written by Olivier Salmon

March 1, 2021

After a week of racing in the SLT arena games club championships, the BTS Women (or shall we say woman) is 7th (out of 44 teams), and the BTS Men: 17th (out of 81 teams).


On Monday, Andrea – in the Women’s league – braved the outdoors and the dark for the first running race, having Zwift running on her phone and paired with a foot pod. What she didn’t have though is enough battery to cover the 10km which resulted in a DNF and no point for the team. But she redeemed herself in a tremendous fashion by winning the women’s bike race on Friday.

In the men’s team, we had a great turn up on Monday’s bike race, mainly with members familiar with our WRTL Thursday’s Team Time Trial. Out of the 400+ cyclists, we’ve placed respectively 48th (Chris), 53rd (Andy), 65th (Olivier), 68th (Liam), 103rd (Steve), 168th (Mark), and 170th (David). But not enough to score more than a point per rider. The Friday run race only saw two BTS members competing, with none being able to keep up the pace with the top 10. The results were 28th (Olivier) and 54th (Mark) out of 72 runners.

Lesson learned

For the bike race

  • the earlier you enter the event (up to 30 minutes before), the closest you are to the starting line
  • go big or go home. The first minutes of a Zwift bike race are crutial, you need to hang up with the front group.

For the run race

  • you can run on Zwift without having a treadmill. You will need Zwift running on your phone and a cadence monitor / foot pod.
  • make sure your phone is fully charged

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