Virtual highlights of 2020

IronMan VC

Written by Olivier Salmon

January 5, 2021

2020 has been a year like no others. With the pandemic, clubs and event organisers have turned into the virtual world. Below are some of our members top 2020 virtual achievements.
IronMan VC
Lots of our members enjoyed the virtual races and different formats. As Andy put it nicely, the only thing that you will get for free from IronMan.
Zwift meet-ups have been very good alternatives to our Saturday rides. With Discord groups to keep the chatting as it would be in real life. The only downside, no coffee and cakes stop.
Rob Castell
With a tremendous effort from the BTS Committee, we’ve managed to have our awards ceremony party, on Zoom.
The Thursdays Zwift Team Time Trial have been getting more and more popular within the BTS members. We regularly enter 2 teams to the events. And Steve achieved one of his biggest achievement of the year by managing to set Zwift, Zwift power, WiFi, Strava, Discords, Headphones and Laptop. 
4 members took on the 2020 RedBull timelaps challenge. 25 hours of relay cycling, mainly indoors, with the exception of one outdoors leg. 
One member went to his pain cave one morning and cycled all day on his turbo trainer to climb the Mt Everest (that’s 8.5 times the Alpe du Zwift). Kuddos!

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