Training Peaks

Training Peaks

Written by Olivier Salmon

October 28, 2020

Intro: Training Peaks is an app designed to allow for a coach to define a training plan and athlete(s) to be shown the plan and what “workout” is suggested for each day of training. 
Within BTS the coaches have set up a number of training plans that can be added to your individual training peaks schedule to allow for training for a specific event. E.g. Windsor Triathlon, my first sprint.
Most plans are built around the basic BTS weekly training structure with specific sessions for Friday and Sunday. If your week doesn’t quite align then you can push a workout to the next day if required and you can do a session in advance, it just won’t tally with a planned session.
Once you complete an activity you upload your workout from your GPS device of choice. It is suggested that the maker of such a device should begin with G and end with armin so you actually get data worth looking at (other devices are available and tend to produce more erratic data through Polar and Suunto are getting there and for the bike, Wahoo is good but expensive).
Training peaks then analyses the data in relation to what the workout that was expected to be and gives you a Red, Amber, Green status as to whether you achieved what was specified.
The good news is that what is achievable is general based on an athlete’s individual heart rate thresholds, power thresholds, or just the length of time spent on the workout (or all 3!). That does mean that you have to load these into training peaks in the first place and generally, this would be a result of a threshold test for each of the disciplines (swim (CSS), bike (FTP test), run (3k threshold or similar).
You can use training peaks on your own without a coach and the basic package is free of charge. This will allow you to put in a workout on a daily basis and see how well your performance against it.
Some of the more snazzy functions like overall fitness, fatigue, and form are only available if you pay a subscription.
If you are interested in Training Peaks plans then talk to Chris or Ed and we can give you more info. To get the BTS coach simply create an account and choose to be coached by  ‘BTS Coach’ with the email address

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