Tour of Caffeine 2018

Written by BTS Admin

November 9, 2018

Stuart Boorman reports on his first Tour of Caffeine, an annual BTS tradition where the club sets off in three groups to tour Berkshire’s best coffee establishments by bicycle. Each year members meet in the old booking hall at Windsor station before the festivities commence.

A fun and social ride, which splits into different pace groups so riders of all abilities can take part. The ride is the brain child of John Booker. Over to Stuart…

Lesley of the C Ride was awarded the pink jersey for the first leg of the ride for her awesome performance at races over the past year.


After convening on Cinnamon Cafe to turn the place Black and Yellow with the rest of the BTS clan, the B ride set off to Marlow after a ride briefing by the Right Honourable John Booker and the B ride’s glorious leader Lynda Hart.

Eight began with the B’s and it was coooold (about 3C). Various lycra configurations were employed to combat this. After conquering several hills early on the crew arrived at Satolo cafe in Marlow.


Here, after some confusion over who’s coffee was who’s, and Stuart waiting three days for his tea to arrive, much cake was consumed. Excellent cake! Stuart kindly helped Michelle Boundy’s of the C ride finish her cake.

John and Lynda distributed prizes and Guy Grewal received the coveted yellow jersey (allegedly) previously owned by Wiggo and Froome. For some reason, at this point John Booker broke into an impromptu rendition of YMCA (see photo below). Andrea was shushed by Lynda for talking during her speech, like a naughty schoolboy, much to everyone’s amusement. Quite right Lynda! Hehe.

The B ride resumed, and having ascended a monstrous hill to Northend, then rode back down that same hill, rather like The Grand Old Duke of York and his hill, but on bikes. Mumma Lynda did a fantastic job making sure no-one was left behind as the effort, caffeine and cake started to bite at this point.


They went through Henley and then had a final stop at Velolife, where they met local celebrity Richard Standard of Bray Lake Watersports. Several of the original eight left at this point, leaving only four to complete the ride back to Windsor victorious.

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