Thursdays Pfitz Zwift MeetUp 2020

Zwift BTS Kit

Written by Olivier Salmon

March 25, 2020

Pfitz Zwift MeetUp,

Welcome all BTS, VB, CCXL and assorted others… 😀

Thought it easier to write a full note on here rather than put it all in the message.


For those who are fairly new to Zwift (oh so many at the moment), here are a few pointers on it generally and a MeetUp specifically. 

So, if you have a power meter and any trainer, you are sorted. If you have a basic trainer plus speed/cadence sensors and Zwift can use a database to translate that speed into the equivalent power required for that trainer, you also sorted.

The best option (but pricey) is a smart trainer that allows Zwift to change the resistance you feel based on the virtual climbs in-game (it is a game after all), so you have to change gear like the real world.

Once all this sorted and you have created profile with accurate personal details and FTP figure (no weight doping!) you can pair Power Meter, Cadence, or Smart Trainer (usually marked FE-C) + HR as the A, B, C etc can be confusing and you are away.


There are a few basic things you would benefit from knowing about the differences between Group RIDES, Group WORKOUTS and RACES, but there is plenty online for all that.

So, a MeetUp. Basically a Group Ride NOT in the list of Official ones on or the Companion App. Instead, it is a ride organised by an individual, inviting only people who follow them.

This is what I have done, and you can agree to it via the App. 

Then when you log into Zwift,(suggest a good 5+ mins before as it takes a while to boot up) and start Riding, you will see an invite to join in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Banded Ride

We will do a ‘banded ride’, this means that as long as you KEEP PEDALLING with the group, our relative efforts (power) are irrelevant and we will all stay together. The ones pushing most power will be at the front, setting the pace and providing draft. Those doing less will be behind, but everyone is sucked along in a kind of Mega-draft as the average speed rises. Zoom Zoom! 

So, please come join us for a ride on Thursday. I will have picked a route that should have a few hills,  will aim to do the whole thing at 24km but up to you how long you stay. Choose Watopia as your World on login, but the route should be set by me as part of the MeetUp. 

We will do a few efforts along the way, so have an idea of what 50%, 67.5% and 75% of your FTP is as a guide. For me, this is easier to remember as a W/kg number of 2, 2.5 and 3 respectively – shown under your name in the rider list on the right of the screen. Remember though, as long as you keep pedalling,  you don’t HAVE to do this! 😀

Zwift Companion App

If you have a keyboard or the companion app, learn how to do different camera angles and do screengrabs, so we can spam the Zwift naysayers with pics!😀 Also, messaging the group in a ride with App or keyboard (m key) is encouraged.

See you at 7 pm Thursday. 7.05 rollout. Don’t be late, we won’t wait. 


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