BTS is proud to support charities. At the beginning of each year, we vote for a charity to support, raise money through events throughout the year, and make a big cheque at the end.

But, that doesn’t stop our members to raise money for a charity of their choice, which is what Andy H. is doing. If you can, please help him and his team raise money.

On the 17th April, I have been asked to help at a charity event in Coventry,
There are a few different teams taking part doing a range of different distances, I am in a team of 4 old friends who’s challenge is to do a combined distance of 230km over 12 hours, are team name is the fun boy four ….. which if you know your musical knowledge are connected to Coventry

The charity
My friend who put this together has been a triathlete for many years and is the reason I got involved, we will be racing together at staffs 70.3 later in the year, he is also heavily involved in mental health which had been tough on everyone just lately and is an associate of the switch and play foundation which help sports men and women who have had to retire do to injury or have been dropped by there team, a lot of the time this is the only profession they have ever known and have nothing to fall back on, leading them to spiral into depression………
So when asked I offered to help (and I’m a gluten for punishment).

If you can help in anyway with our fundraiser please use this link (
Hope to see you all soon