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Superleague triathlon

Written by Olivier Salmon

March 1, 2021

Super League Triathlon

The Super League Triathlon is a league of nonstandard triathlon-based races held in the traditional off-season of the sport. Every race involves a swim, bike, and run element, but all contain additional rules intending to test athletic ability, increase viewer excitement and increase the popularity of triathlon more globally.

The current five races are:

  • Triple Mix: Three short triathlons are raced. Still, in each triathlon, the order of the disciplines is changed. The first is a traditional swim-bike-run, the second is a run-bike-swim, and the third is a bike-swim-run, with a ten-minute break between each stage to rest and reset their equipment ready for the next one. The first two stages are mass starts, with the third being a pursuit with start times based on the sum of the previous two meaning the first over the line of the third stage wins the Triple Mix.
  • Eliminator: Three short triathlons are raced, but at the end of each triathlon, the slowest are removed and do not start the next stage. After the first stage, the 15 fastest race again, then the top ten from the second stage advance to the third stage where the order over the line in the given order of the Eliminator.
  • Enduro: Three short triathlons are concatenated into one long swim-bike-run-swim-bike-run-swim-bike-run race with the added punishment that lasts two into transition after each discipline are eliminated.
  • Sprint Enduro: The field is split in two by random draw. Each half races a short triathlon, with the first five from each half advancing along with the two fastest finishers not to automatically qualify. Those who advance race a shorter enduro race is consisting of two short triathlons i.e. a swim-bike-run-swim-bike-run race.
  • Equalizer: A two-stage race comprising an individual cycling time trial for the first stage then the second stage a swim-run-swim-bike-run is raced with the stage started pursuit style with the time gaps from the previous time trial.

Also if an athlete is at any point 90 seconds down from first place they are pulled from the event. This is to keep the focus of the race at the front and avoid athletes getting lapped and interfering with the race due to the short loops used for the course.
In all instances, the swim is open-water, and the cycling will be draft-legal.

SLT Arena Games

In a first for the sport, the SLT Arena Games will be an amalgamation of real-life and virtual racing and provide an immersive viewing experience that allows fans to get up close and personal with the best triathletes in the world and enjoy live power, speed, and heart rate data from Zwift.
Developed as part of a new partnership between Super League Triathlon and Zwift, the global online training and racing platform, the SLT Arena Games made its debut in the fabulous city of Rotterdam, Netherlands, on August 23 2020.

The SLT Arena games London club championships powered by Zwift

Let the Games Begin!

The SLT Arena Games London Club Championships Powered by Zwift is offering every UK-based triathlete the chance to be inspired by the best in the world and join together with others in their triathlon club to compete for fun, fitness, and prizes.
With six races over three weeks, and all abilities welcome, this is a chance to race and win some great rewards, including the chance for your triathlon club to enjoy an exclusive virtual meeting with a star Super League athlete.

Competition Format

There will be a three-week competition window with one virtual running and one virtual cycling race per gender each week on Zwift (see schedule below for exact dates and timings).
Athletes compete individually in the races and will contribute points to their club as per the following points shown. Every athlete finishing will contribute at least 1 point to their club.
Men’s and women’s races will be ranked separately. The clubs with the highest number of accumulated points in each gender ranking at the end of the series will win the chance for an exclusive virtual meet and greet with a star Super League athlete over the weekend of the SLT Arena Games London Powered by Zwift. The top three clubs in each gender will win framed SLT jersey’s and a Super League merchandise pack.

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