Spring Marathon Update

Written by BTS Admin

April 29, 2017

Before the Tri really season starts to build up, plenty of BTS members spent the cold, dark winter nights getting ready for Spring marathon races in Manchester, London, Paris and Brighton. This meant plenty of long lonely runs on a Sunday morning, but with the help of Mens’ Captain Ed Nunn, and the use BTS’ own Training Peaks coaching account, many were able to follow a well planned programme of sessions right from the start of the year for races in April. Below is just a summary of the results from this activity.


MANCHESTER – 2nd April

  1. Clara Dawson – 3:28:44
  2. Joe Middleton – 3:29:55
  3. Guy Grewal – 3:35:46

BRIGHTON – 9th April

  1. Andrea Taborelli – 3:11:43
  2. Jason Roberts – 3:13:05
  3. Gemma Korff – 3:36:47

PARIS – 9th April

  1. Andy Bower – 4:04:36

LONDON – 23rd April

  1. Andy Gajraj – 3:16:53
  2. Ed Nunn – 3:29:07
  3. Nicky Weeks – 4:30:11

Sorry Clara, there is no image of you available where you are not completely blocked out by other people or privacy watermarks! 🙁


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