September Results Round Up

Written by BTS Admin

October 9, 2012

A quick summary of all the remaining September races I am aware of, not including Bananaman, that you can find in another post. You can also find a few pics from these races here

In a slight change of format, I am working my way up in (roughly) multi-sport distance order on this one, rather than chronologically. Enjoy.

Starting at the shortest distance and with someone who isn’t strictly a fee paying, card carrying member. However, as he is only 7, the son of the Men’s Captain, and he raced under BTS colours I think we can let him off. So well done to Alex Titley on completing his first ever Tri.

Alex was 5th in the Hillingdon Novice Under 10s Triathlon, completing the 150m Swim, 2km Off Road Bike and 1km Off Road run in 20min 24sec. (Swim 05:07, Bike 10:17, Run 05:00). If the run time is right, then Titley Senior REALLY needs to pound the pavement this winter!!  🙂

Next up, and the first of at least a couple of appearances in this write up, our resident ‘finder of obscure races’. Paul Mason was 4th Overall in the 5km/18.5km/5km Swallowfied10+3 Duathlon, finishing in 1:13:40

On a rather chilly morning at Dorney Lake, Katy Walker decided she needed to cram another race in (in hindsight, not such good idea given water temp) so turned up at for the USN Supersprint (450m swim/10.6k cycle/2.5k run), with the following result.

Pos Name Total Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
52 Katy Walker 00:50:52 00:10:46 00:01:55 00:24:21 00:01:15 00:12:33

On the same chilly morning at Thorpe Park, and long before the Log Flume kicked into action, Louise Croxson, Guy Grewel and Paul Fitz turned up for the Tri-Project Sprint. A good little race, especially for Louise, who won her Category and was 2nd woman home overall, posting the fastest female run split of the day.

Pos Cat Pos Name Total Swim Bike Run
8 5 Paul Fitzpatrick 01:09:09 00:10:37 00:35:50 00:20:43
16 1 Louise Croxson 01:13:45 00:13:12 00:38:26 00:20:35
92 26 Guy Grewal 01:29:07 00:17:09 00:43:52 00:24:10

Before we move from Sprint to Olympic, a quick stop at the Classic distance (10km/40km/5km) London Duathlon, where Peter David was competing.  Finishing in 68th overall, and a fantastic 3rd in the Men’s 50-54 Category, with a time of 2:31:38, Peter’s splits were 43:23, 1:20:25, 23:37.

A second appearance for Paul Mason, this time at the Ardres Duathlon/Triathlon, where Paul was 38th overall for the 5km/30km/5km Distance. Paul was joined by David Lightbourne who was 31st overall for the 1.2km/30km/5km Tri that happened on the same course. No splits available I am afraid.

Joining Paul and David were Barbara and Jane, who divided a Triathlon between them as a two person relay to do the same event as David, finishing in 2:05:30

Phew, nearly there. Only Olympic and Half Ironman to go….

Firstly, mid September saw Louise Croxson continue her New Zealand prep, with a solo appearance at the Steelman Olympic Triathlon. With Dorney Lake now looking a bit sorry for itself since the joys of the summer, Louise basically smashed all the other women in the race, the winning female by pretty much a complete lap of the run.

Pos Name Total Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
14 Louise Croxson 02:21:11 00:23:53 00:01:00 01:14:59 00:00:49 00:40:27

Also tackling Olympic distance, Jason Roberts completed Hever Casttle’s undulating bike and off road run

Pos Name Total Swim T1 Cycle T2 Run
70 Jason Roberts 02:41:58 00:28:42 00:05:58 01:17:55 00:02:00 00:47:21

And so to the big finish, the longest event covered in September, at least in the world of Multisport, and not counting the fact that Julia Hodkinson completed the Raid Pyrenean .”720km, 19 cols, 11,700m of ascent. Brilliant! Weather mixed, climbs amazing, company great and overall amazing experience. Will share some pictures soon – me in BTS kit of course!”

Challenge Henley, one of a global series of Iron Distance races taking place right on our doorstep. The event was again superbly supported by BTS as we ran a drinks station, but also featuring our own Chris Harris and Guy Middleton. Both took part in the Half Iron Distance event with results below. Well done Chaps! 🙂

Overall Name Cat Cat Pos Total Swim Bike Run
138 GUY MIDDLETON M40-44 28 05:03:33 00:38:26 02:38:28 01:37:44
580 CHRIS HARRIS M50-54 31 06:43:56 00:45:38 03:10:52 02:36:43

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