November Round-Up

Written by BTS Admin

December 13, 2014

Just the two events to report on in November, but a couple of the toughest also.

First up, Human Race’s Winter Ballbuster. This has taken on a bit of a mythical edge of the last 25 years or so. So much so that the magazine press covered it and the return of a competitor who did the very first race..

This time around for BTS, we had had a dozen or more competitors taking part in the somewhat brutal five climbs of Box Hill in Surrey, 2 on foot and 3 on the bike as part of an 8 Mile, 24 Mile, 8 Mile Duathlon. First across the line were Team Baylis, with Laura taking the first run leg before Rob did the bike and the 2nd run. Finishing in 3.05. The next relay team home, FitNaturally, was not strictly a BTS squad, but featured Louise Croxson doing the bike leg as part of the leading female relay finishers.

Sandwiched by these came Gope Walker, using his Ironman fitness to knock over 2 minutes off his PB for the event. Gope lead home everyone over the next hour or so, with BTS results below.

Participant Category Cat Pos Finish time Run 1 T1 Bike T2 Run 2
Team Baylis Male/Mixed Relay 3 3:05:20 55:31 47 1:13:08 1:58 53:56
Gope Walker (M) 35-39 17 3:16:32 54:08 57 1:20:20 1:39 59:28
Team Fitnaturally Female Relay 1 3:20:16 56:01 1:08 1:26:01 1:06 8:00:00
Edward Nunn (M) 30-34 18 3:21:37 56:44 1:01 1:21:52 49 1:01:11
David Hough (M) 50-54 10 3:28:42 59:01 1:09 1:23:16 1:13 1:04:03
Andrea Taborelli (M) 40-44 21 3:29:48 57:08 1:26 1:27:17 1:04 1:02:53
Jon Elliott (M) 35-39 58 3:58:28 1:08:32 3:34 1:32:13 3:09 1:11:00
Clara Trant (F) 30-34 7 4:00:52 1:05:25 1:40 1:44:37 1:56 1:07:14
Team Michael & Cherry Male/Mixed Relay 21 4:00:56 1:10:14 1:07 1:33:45 53 1:14:57
Craig Sherratt (M) 40-44 64 4:17:09 1:04:20 1:31 1:36:07 1:26 1:33:45

After Wales, Weymouth and Majorca, the final BTS member to tackle and Iron Distance race this year was Kate McNeil. Off the back of a podium at the ETU Middle Distance champs last month (see Oct Results), Kate headed over to Ironman Cozumel as she was ‘there anyway’ attending a wedding that week. Unfortunately due to illness in the run up, and 2 punctures scuppering her usual strongest discipline of the Bike, Kate had to retire after the bike leg. Kate gives the full details in her Compete PR Blog HERE

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