Nominations for Virtual Awards/ End of Year Recognition

Awards Ceremony 2019

Written by Olivier Salmon

October 27, 2020

Hey Team –
As mentioned earlier this week, we are still going to have a bit of fun to celebrate the end of 2020. We’ve got to have something to look forward to as the days turn a bit shorter and the air a bit colder. At our upcoming Virtual End of Season Party, we’d like to recognise a few of our members how have made us laugh, made us smile, made us grateful, and maybe even inspired us. 
Please help me out by nominating people for a couple of suggested categories and then feel free to be creative and give me your own feedback on who you’d love to recognise. It could be big (fantastic race performance), small (fixed my puncture on a group ride for me) or light-hearted (best yoga fail ever!). Have a think and send in your nominations. Nominations due by the 1st of November so we can get voting. 
It would also be great if you could join us on the night for the prize giving. Agenda still to be determined but expect prizes, possibly a quiz and some entertainment. Sign up now to give us an idea of attendance so we can tailor the fun to the group. Family, friends, and others welcome – you never know who you might need on your quiz team! Sign up here.
Any questions or suggestions? Let me know. 
Happy Training!
BTS Social Chair

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