More BTS qualify for World’s at Bristol

Written by BTS Admin

June 24, 2013


This weekend 6 members of BTS headed 100 miles West to the lovely city of Bristol for the 2nd Sprint World qualifier, hoping to join Louise Croxson, David Lightbourne, Richard File and Julia Hodkinson who have already booked their place in London.

A day of differing fortunes resulted in a cementing of a position with another 2nd in AG, a new addition to the qualified ranks and one potentially unfortunate miss-out

Helen Parris

First to hit the course was Helen Parris, who came home in a provisional 8th place. However, one woman ahead of her missed a bike lap – pushing Helen up into the qualifying top 7. Just to make this even more sure, 2 of the top 6 had already qualified at Nottingham, so Helen is definitely in. 🙂


Talking of already qualifying, Julia told me she was just going to ‘enjoy it’. That enjoyment resulted in another 2nd place in AG, so Julia has now qualified twice (surely that is just showing off!)

Ian Weatherall

Fastest BTS person on the day was Ian Weatherall, whose brilliant 1:09:02 finishing time was good enough for 13th. Unfortunately, parts of the bike course were very narrow, which meant an unavoidable bunching of riders. This means that a lot of drafting penalties were thrown around by very strict marshals. Getting caught up in this means Ian was penalised 2 mins. The results are unclear as to whether this time has been added. If so, then Ian would have comfortably qualified without this penalty. 🙁

Jon Elliot

Final mention goes to Jon Elliot, who was looking good (according to his own Facebook) in the final 1k of the run. Little did he know he was about to be ruthlessly cut down by another competitor in the final 100m. No qualification for Jon, but a couple of good war wounds to show for the trip! BTS results below


Name Cat Cat Pos Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Total
Ian Weatherall M45-49 13* 12:37 2:03 32:57 1:13 20:14 1:09:02*
Paul Fitzpatrick M40-44 28 11:11 2:05 34:18 1:19 22:37 1:11:29
Mark Hyde M50-54 18 11:25 2:42 31:59 1:18 27:00 1:14:21
Helen Parris F40-44 7 14:42 2:06 38:25 1:11 22:04 1:18:27
Jon Elliot M35-39 38 13:50 2:53 36:36 1:37 23:47 1:18:40
Julia Hodkinson F55-59 2 13:39 2:40 36:43 1:18 25:10 1:19:29

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