Majorca 70.3 (Half Ironman)

Written by BTS Admin

May 16, 2013

With the weather being shocking this Winter, with Summer seemingly never to appear, the idea of swimming in open water before May should be left only to the hardcore.

However, one way escape is to enter a race in May, somewhere hot, where you can get a a few days of sea swimming in before the big day.

6 members of BTS did exactly that, entering Mallorca70.3. Held on the North East coast of the Spanish isle, this Half Iron (1.9km/90km/21.1km) race offers a lovely warm escape.

The race starts on the beach with a running start, all very novel and fun. Then an out and back swim, a fast coastal start to the bike, followed by a 10km climb inland before a technical descent and a fast flat run back to town.

Unfortunately, some ‘stomach issues’ for Christoph meant he had to drop out on the run, whilst a chest infection before leaving ruled out Helen Parris, which went along for…..well, the warm weather! 🙂


Pos Name Time Cat Cat Pos Swim T1 Cycle T2 Run
703 Guy Middleton 05:11:43 M40-44 106 00:36:37 00:05:12 02:48:48 00:03:54 01:37:12
1155 Lynda Hart 05:30:14 F40-44 10 00:39:48 00:06:17 02:57:38 00:04:22 01:42:09
2065 Kenneth Schweighofer 06:11:56 M35-39 340 00:39:54 00:06:59 03:02:34 00:06:28 02:16:01
DNF Christoph De Belder DNF M30-34 00:26:37 00:04:54 02:38:26 00:02:19

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