Kate takes European Silver

Written by BTS Admin

June 9, 2015

In our last post, all the results in May for bts was overwhelming. However, buried in the mass of results was one that does deserve special mention. As a club we have regularly had members compete at World Age Group level. Others have also become successful pros, both on and offroad. However, success is hard won at those levels, so when they come our way bts celebrates them.
So huge congratulations to Kate McNeill, reigning Best Newcomer, on her Silver at the European Middle Distance Championships in Rimini.

Kate was looking for the Age Group win, and with a somewhat troublesome swim in choppy seas, but followed by a strong bike,  Kate led out onto the run. Unfortunately she was to get pipped over the half marathon distance, but still came away with a silver medal. After a bronze last year, there is only one medal left to get. 🙂 Read Kate’s full recap of the event HERE

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