Kate McNeill gets the call!

Written by BTS Admin

July 23, 2015

I am sure most people around BTS are aware of Kate McNeill. Whilst this illusive woman and reigning Best Newcomer may be a rare sight at a BTS training session, she can often be seen on a bike rocking the Yellow BTS kit she loves so much.  Usually she is being stalked by a rather skinny looking guy from Cookham, or travelling to races with her two favourite middle distance chums, Ed Nunn and Andrea Taborelli.

As well as winning the Marlow Half Ironman last week, Kate is somewhat of a demon time triallist. A feat that was underlined by the fact that her 56:28 at a recent 25 mile event has put her in the official time-trialling records as one of the UK’s fastest women on a bike! This has not gone unnoticed, and today it seems we will no long have Kate mainly in yellow, as she has been invited to join the world of the trade team, with all the kit and support this includes. So look out for Kate turning up in her Drag2Zero kit at a race soon. Hopefully the BTS top will still be underneath! 🙂

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