July/Aug Results round-up

Written by BTS Admin

August 17, 2013

Latest round of results from the various members of the Club, competing at events in late July and into August, in advance of the Club Championships.

In order that I have them, first up is Guy Grewal, who took part in ‘the world’s biggest triathlon’, the Virgin London Tri at Excel. Massive swim waves, and running up slippery steps into a smooth floored exhibition hall always a bit daunting. Good solid bike and run from Guy (strangely no T2 time in the results, so must be in the bike or the run time)

Name Cat Cat Pos Total Swim T1 Bike Run
Guy Grewel M40-44 59 02:26:54 00:31:20 00:04:04 01:06:41 00:42:13
Next is Luci A Cordoba Carricas (got to be best name in the Club), who despite having her bike stolen the week before, borrowed a bike and went to complete the Concorde Pool Sprint Triathlon (400/20/5)  in Reading
Name Cat Cat Pos Total Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
Lucia Cordoba FOpen 5 01:19:18 00:06:14 00:01:54 00:44:41 00:01:23 00:25:06
Another solo entrant, travelling further afield for a race, James Leeson took on the sea swim, out and back bike and flat (but usually windy) run of the Bournemouth Standard distance triathlon.
Name Cat Cat Pos Total Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
James Leeson M40-44 8 02:32:28 00:32:12 00:01:59 01:06:16 00:00:51 00:51:10
Following that, a tale of woe from Steve Fuller, who  Events Logic Olympic distance in the Cotswolds. In his own words,  ‘Not a performance to remember. Rear wheel puncture, followed by Garmin failure, followed by me running seven laps of the six lap course!’ This means his time was not really representative, and the results pdf is a sea of numbers, so left it alone, but you can find it at link below, with Steve showing up in 152nd (inc the extra lap!) Nice one Steve. 🙂
Final Multisport event for this round-up is perennial favourite with BTS Members, the Swanage Triathlon. Really hard sea swim, followed by long run up to T1, a rolling bike course, and then the nightmare that is the run, including the infamous 400m of trail steps that I defy anyone to run all the way up! 56% gradient. The meal the night before, and fish and chips on the beach after always make for a great weekend away though.
Well done to David Lightbourne who was 3rd in Category and knocked a couple of minutes off his time for last year. Surely the big favourite to retain his  Club Champs crown.
Full Name Cat Cat Pos Total Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
David Lightbourne M40-44 3 02:13:17 00:26:24 00:00:59 01:06:09 00:00:38 00:39:06
Guy Middleton M40-44 8 02:23:59 00:30:43 00:01:10 01:09:59 00:00:46 00:41:23
John Booker M50-54 8 02:35:27 00:31:24 00:01:18 01:11:57 00:01:00 00:49:48
Cordoba/Walker/Dymock RRelay 1 02:43:26 00:26:59 00:01:01 01:22:31 00:00:40 00:52:15
Lastly, a couple of not strictly multi-sport events, but as I got sent them. Thanks for Ben Collins for providing ready made table of results for the Boulters to Bray 2.8km swim, which had several BTS representing. Best of the bunch was Louisa Seymour, who managed to come 2nd in her category, and 5th woman overall.
Overall position Name Gender Gender Pos Cat Cat Pos Time
23 Louisa Seymour F 5 FOpen 2 36:51.4
43 Simon Allison M 32 MMasters 4 39:41.0
61 Tim Phillis M 46 MOpen 39 41:35.8
63 Ben Collins M 48 MOpen 41 42:00.3
81 Jane Drapkin F 19 FOpen 12 43:44.3
And over the last few weeks, a few members has started doing the regular Maidenhead CC Thursday 10/10 (10 mile )Time Trial around Drift road and Winkfield, Detail here,
A couple in recent weeks are Kevin (28.05) and David Lightbourne (23.53)

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