July Results Round-up

Written by BTS Admin

August 8, 2014

So June was a big month of results, with Windsor in the middle of it all. July has turned out just as big, especially as Bananaman and the Summer Duathlon are already covered off separately.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it. First up, the Marlow Olympic distance race, which was actually 29th June, but we will include it.  New(ish) members  Craig Sherratt & Clara Trant took on the 1.5/37/10k course, with Clara in the Senior Female category and Craig in the Male Vets. Full results HERE

Name Cat Cat Pos Total Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
Craig Sherratt Mvet 29 2:39:17 0:29:09 0:01:18 1:17:12 0:00:50 0:50:46
Clara Trant Fsen 13 2:53:59 0:32:33 0:01:11 1:31:29 0:00:47 0:47:58

A rule implemented by an arbitrary decision of your website minion is that only multisport events appear in these write ups.  So, the next result is not strictly allowed. However, as the guys involved were doing a pre-ironman Long Course weekend, with all three elements being covered over the 3 days – with VERY long transitions that included eating, drinking (beer) and sleep – its gets included.

Actually, of the 4 who attended. (Gope Walker, David Hough, Martyn Parrish and Kenneth Schweighofer) only Gope appears in the official results for completing all 3 full Ironman disciplines. Times of 1h2m, 6h42m and 3h26m give a total ‘Ironman’ time of 11hours 11mins. All Gope needs now is to replicate that all in one ago. 🙂

Another weekend, another race at Dorney. This time 2 budding Ironmen and a fast woman headed to the rowing lake for the Steelman Oly distance race. Another PB for Andrea Taborelli and a fast and excellent AG podium finish for Ed Nunn, but result of the day goes to Kate McNeil. Despite getting a puncture during the bike, and having to rely on a very charitable passing-by Ed for a tyre sealant spray to finish – Kate was still first woman home. In fact, without the puncture, Ed vs Kate would have been VERY close. More on this later! Full Results HERE

Name Cat Cat Pos Total Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
Ed Nunn M3034 2 02:16:31 00:23:45 00:01:03 01:11:02 00:01:00 00:39:39
Kate McNeil Female 1 02:18:04 00:23:11 00:01:21 01:12:26 00:01:01 00:40:03
Andrea Taborelli M4044 21 02:34:28 00:30:25 00:02:17 01:16:14 00:01:12 00:44:18

The very next day Ellie Quarrington was at the same venue for the Shock Absorber Women Only race. Taking part in the Elite Sprint no less, won by current British Tri Series leader Emma Palant, Ellie managed splits of 12:10, 43:40 and 23:42 for 16th place.  Full Results HERE

Getting back up to Multisport speed so to speak,  Jon Elliot was joined by Kevin Spence at the Liquid Leisure Aquathlon series. The small but regular crowd produce some fast times and the guys completed the 750m/5km event in 38:05 (15:07, 22:58) and 40:00 (14:20, 25:40) respectively.

The number of Ironman races in the UK grows constantly, despite the logistical efforts required. Also seemingly smaller event organisers are finding ways to manage regular longer races, such as F3 with their Marlow Half Iron – BTS’ers already mentioned this month –  Ed Nunn, Andrea Taborelli, Kate McNeil, Craig Sharrat, Clara Trant & Kenneth Schweighofer  were joined by Andy Yiannouzis to take on a tough out and back river swim, 3 lumpy laps around Pishill to the West of Henley and a 4 lap run. Total Distances 1.9km, 86km, 20km

Great times from everyone, with Kate taking Ed on the bike to Chick all the men on the way to finishing 1st in Category and 4th woman overall – less than 10 mins behind the winner. Full Results HERE

Name Cat Cat Pos Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
Kate McNeil F2529 1 4:45:24 0:32:47 0:01:17 2:29:28 0:01:14
Ed Nunn M3034 14 4:54:32 0:32:22 0:01:12 2:42:37 0:01:33 1:36:45
Andrea Taborelli M4044 26 5:25:39 0:43:17 0:02:08 3:05:10 0:01:37 1:33:26
Kenneth Schweighofer M3539 35 5:37:21 0:38:31 0:02:26 2:58:02 0:02:09 1:56:11
Craig Sherratt M4044 37 5:39:41 0:39:26 0:02:24 2:47:38 0:01:21 2:08:51
Andy Yiannouzis M3539 36 5:40:37 0:47:16 0:03:09 3:09:37 0:03:18 1:37:16
Clara Trant F3034 9 5:53:10 0:44:38 0:01:40 3:16:55 0:01:49 1:48:37

On the same day as Marlow, Steve Fuller was providing BTS presence at Dorney again for the Gatorade Sprint Series Race. 4th in Super Vet (50+) was good going in a time of 1:14:32 (15:46, 34:35, 21:50). Full Results HERE

Up next is the turn of BTS’ newest ‘Tri-couple’  Martyn Parrish and Joanne Davidson-Nimmo  (Joatyn? ParrNimmo?) who headed up to Castle Howard in Yorkshire to take part in the Half Iron and Super Sprint Distances respectively. Full Results HERE

Name Event Cat Cat Pos Total Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
Joanne S-Sprint FSEN 39 1:45:19 0:13:12 0:03:17 1:02:55 0:02:24 0:23:30
Martyn HalfIron MSEN 11 5:12:47 0:37:03 0:02:18 2:57:48 0:01:20 1:34:16

Final 2 results this month both happened in Bedford, with Paul Fitzpatrick heading to the GaleForce Events Bedford Classic, and Steph Chamberlain racing only 7 miles down the road at NiceTri Events’ London Brik. Both competing over the the Standard distance

Paul managed a 2:13:54, with splits of 22:33, 1:08:29, 41:37 for 5th Overall and 2nd in M4044. Full Result HERE
Steph’s race was a 2:38:39 with splits of 31:01, 1:12:19 and 52:49 for a 3rd place F4044 finish. Full Results HERE


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