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October 10, 2013

A quick update on a couple of events that have happened in last month or more than have not been reported on already. The theme here is International travel, as it turns out BTS gets everywhere! ūüôā

First up, my Hungarian is not up to much, but it seems that Kevin Spence was 5th in AG and 27th overall in the ‘Absolutely Men’ at the Abrahamhegy Sprint Triathlon back in late August (at Lake Balaton in Hungary)

Kevin completed the Sprint distance event in 1:22:04, but the full results are lacking any splits. Results here

Paul MNext up, direct from the horse’s mouth, an event review from Paul Mason, who continues to travel France looking for events where he can be the only Brit and nick half the accolades. I think they may start banning him from entering the country soon, but well done on another cracking result.

Masons ventured south for warm weather and even warmer water and took-in the Triathlon des Ramparts at Carcassonne on 15th September. Usual French briefing chaos managed to miss the bit about swimming round the island in amongst deux a gauche, un a droite.

This was compensated by the usual marshals stopping traffic for all bikes at junctions, empty roads, lovely long climbs, very fast winding long descents and unlimited cake, chocolate and sweets at the end. The run turned out to be hillier than indicated in the race pack a good cross-country type route, including a metal ladder to get off the dam wall. Was out of the water about 50th and reduced this to 40th after the hill-climb-in-wetsuit stage and T1. No-one came past on the 46km cycle (thanks for the preparation on Wednesdays guys) whilst going past plenty of those dastardly Frenchies on their expensive bikes (all the kit and no-speed). Ending up 21st overall, just over 10% slower than the winner, 8th old person and 1st in age group. Just shows what can be done by not training and eating your weight in cake after Saturday rides.         Full results available here


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