HIGH5 Sports Club Rewards Programme

Written by Olivier Salmon

February 19, 2021


We’ve filled out an application for the HIGH5 Sports Club Rewards Programme, and we’re pleased to confirm we’re in!

Here’s our personalised club code that our club members, friends and family can use on www.highfive.co.uk:


This code gives 40% off the entire HIGH5 range (except any discounted or promoted products). The club will earn 10% cashback that we will put towards the charity of our choice. So, the more products you buy, the more goods you do 🙂

Please remember to store your code in a safe place so you never forget it. Feel free to share it with private social media groups, private What’s App or Messenger groups, or via email. Please remember not to publicly display the coupon code.

We’ve can share the welcome pack with whoever wants it.

Social media
High5 always love to see how their products are helping you to achieve your goals so please tag them in your updates on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and they’ll try to share as much as possible on their own social accounts. Please also follow them on social media @HIGH5sportsnutrition and get involved in the conversation. You can use the hashtags #HIGH5Fuelled and #HIGH5Sportsclubs.

Enjoy your coupon!

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