Club training 2020 week 37

Training Plan

Written by Olivier Salmon

September 6, 2020

From our coach Andy

Hi everyone, another glorious September weekend!
Well done to those who took part in the Dorney triathlon this weekend, I hope that things went well? It would be good to hear from you if you took part. As a committee, we are looking ahead to possible events that we can set up for our members as a way to stay motivated over the winter – watch this space. I have started my BallBuster training this week, with hill reps in the week (thanks Andrea) and a hill run today, I can confirm a few things; I have avoided hills during the lockdown and have paid the price, I need to drop a couple of kilos to feel ‘flighty’ for Box Hill!
Run club is starting back again this week. Andrea is planning sessions to get everyone back on their feet. As with all BTS sessions at the moment, you need to sign up using the poll. If the group looks like it will be larger than 6, then it will split into 2 (a faster and a slower group). Details of where to meet can be found by clicking the location link in the plan below for Tuesday, and I am sure Andrea will provide more details with the session plan on Facebook, closer to the time.
Sessions this week
Monday S&C: Continues on the theme of using some weights for a HITT workout. You don’t need anything special, 2 bottles will work and something a little heavier. 

Week 37 training plan
` Date Session Time(s) Lead/Coach Location
Mon 07-Sep Strength & Conditioning In your chosen pain cave
Tue 08-Sep Run set 6:15pm
Andrea Southerland Grange
Recommended swim/run brick: 2-6x400m [use the smaller loop at the lake and use each loop as a build. 100m easy(4/10), 100m medium(6/10), 100m hard(8/10), 100m v.hard(10/10)]
Wed 09-Sep Spin / Brick 5:15-6:15pm
Julia / Karen BTS Spin Studio, Langworthy Lane, Holyport
Thur 10-Sep Swim Self-led set: Big loop endurance 2-4 x 800/1000m [even pace between the bouys, 20 strokes hard (8/10) @ each bouy] At your chosen venue
Sat 12-Sep A Ride 9:00am
Chris Barry Avenue, Windsor – next to the ice cream hut
B Ride TBC
C Ride Lesley
Sun 13-Sep Endurance Run Recommended: Strength Endurance -8-10km (5-6mi) run @ steady pace, at the end of each mile, stop and do 10-20 sit=-ups, press-ups & squats – great for strength and getting used to running after stopping (dead turns, transition, water station etc. Use a park bench as an aid.
Reduce for beginner/sprint: 5km(3mi), same as above, just fewer exercises
Step up for 70.3 & IM: same number of exercises as above, but add a mile to start and end @ target pace – 8 miles total.

Please continue to follow advice on hygiene, social distancing, and lockdown procedures:

  • Continue to train, as long as you display no symptoms of any illness
  • Be aware of the training stress on your body. It is not advised to increase training load or stress at this time – if in doubt, keep training but don’t overdo it
  • Exercise and training are advised as a way to maintain mental health, we are used to it and rely on it as a stress relief
  • Eat healthily and maintain a balanced diet, especially when training
  • Don’t train or meet up in groups greater than 6 – we still have to follow social distancing guidelines

              Club members must not attend a ride or group session if they

              • have any symptoms of coronavirus (a high temperature, a new, continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste)
              • have tested positive for coronavirus
              • you live with someone who has symptoms or has tested positive
              • someone in their support bubble has symptoms or has tested positive
              • if they have been asked to remain at home by the UK Government test and trace system

              Anyone who meets any of the above criteria must follow government guidance on self-isolating and inform those they have been in contact with – if you need to inform the club, please contact Micheal Smyth our Welfare Officer.



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