Club training 2020 week 26

Training Plan

Written by Olivier Salmon

June 22, 2020

Note: all training sessions are canceled until further notice as per our chairman’s latest update. We’ve worked on ways to provide virtual training for week 25.

From our Coach Andy

Hi everyone,
I hope that you have all had a great weekend, I have had a quiet one, resting after lots of virtual racing. The week ahead looks amazing, so I am hoping to make the most of the great weather we are going to have.
Lake swimming @ Bray is getting busier, so make sure you book your slots in advance. If you are unable to make it, please let them know 24h in advance as it would be a shame to take a slot when it is not needed. Thursday is still a busy BTS day, and it is great to see so many members there each week.
Open water swim set for this week: 4-6x400m [100m steady, 200m @ RP, 100m hard] – use the big loop and break it into 100m(ish) sections using the buoys. You can always ask the lifeguards and staff how far apart, roughly, the buoys are.
Strength & Conditioning: Unfortunately my shed is full and I can’t access my equipment this week, plus I am nursing my shoulder, so there will not be an online session tomorrow. Attached is a set you can use to continue your S&C development.
For spinning this week we are trialing having 6 bikes outside at Julia and Phil’s house, thanks to them both for hosting us. We will, initially, see how this goes with the spin regulars and, if successful, we will look to put out a poll each week If there is the demand then we will be able to run 2 groups of 6, with a gap between to wipe down the bikes, etc. Obviously this only works while the weather is good! For those who are going to train at home on Wednesday, there is a spin/turbo brick set provided below.

Week 26 Training Plan

` Date Session Time(s) Lead/Coach Location
Mon 22-Jun Strength & Conditioning Set provided Wherever you like – the sun’s out, guns out
Tue 23-Jun Run set Andrea will provide Outside (because we are allowed)
Yoga 6:15 – Setup
6:30pm – Start
Louise Zoom meeting
Wed 24-Jun Spin / Brick 5min warm-up, 3x 13min [1min v.hard @ FTP + 30%, 1min recovery, 2min hard/climb, 2min recovery, 3min @ FTP, 2min recovery, 2min run @ 5k pace], 5min cool down Inside/outside
Thur 25-Jun Swim Self-led set:  4-6x400m [100m steady, 200m @ RP, 100m hard] – use the big loop and break it into 100m(ish) sections using the buoys At your chosen venue
Fri 26-Jun Pilates 9 am – Setup
9:15 – Start
Barbara ONLINE – Details to be sent out
Sat 27-Jun Outside ride / Virtual Race Endurance ride (feel free to post a GPX route online) Outside (because we are allowed)
Sun 28-Jun Endurance Run Recommended: Long and steady. 8-10mi @ race pace +30s/mi, 20s/km. This should be a very easy pace
Reduce for beginner/sprint:  5-7mi @ race pace +30s/mi, 20s/km.
Step up for 70.3 & IM: Increase distance, 10-15mi


Please continue to follow advice on hygiene, social distancing, and lockdown procedures:
  • Continue to train, as long as you display no symptoms of any illness
  • Be aware of the training stress on your body. It is not advised to increase training load or stress at this time – if in doubt, keep training but don’t over do it
  • Exercise and training are advised as a way to maintain mental health, we are used to it and rely on it as a stress relief
  • Eat healthily and maintain a balanced diet, especially when training
  • Don’t train or meet up in large groups – we still have to follow social distancing guidelines
Have a great week.

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