Club training 2020 week 16

Training Plan

Written by Olivier Salmon

April 12, 2020

Note: all training sessions are canceled until further notice as per our chairman’s latest update. We’ve worked on ways to provide virtual training for week 16.

From our Coach Andy

Hi Everyone, I hope you have all had a good Easter weekend!
The sun was out, so I did think it was okay for me to change out my turbo wheel for a road one and ride outside (just for an hour!). It was amazing, quiet roads and we passed Lesley K en route.

Group Ride

However, I was utterly ashamed of other riders on the road who continue to ride in groups. We saw multiple numbers of small groups of riders who clearly didn’t live together, breaking all current advice and guidance. It is riders like this who bring our sport into disrepute. Hardly surprising that cars were beeping at them, and possibly us, lumping us all into that category of ‘idiot cyclists’. Shameful that some people can’t just last a few weeks doing what they have been requested to do and show support for our country! Okay, rant over. At least I am feeling a little better and am pleased that all my beach body workouts haven’t gone to waste in this nice weather! Check out this week’s videos for more strength and conditioning, if we can’t be fast in the water this summer at least we can look good!

Gladiator Spin/brick

On Wednesday I had planned to run a virtual Gladiator spin session if there are enough people who would like to join in for a bit of turbo fun!? If we only have a handful sign up, then it will turn into a turbo-brick session for those who fancy it. Please sign up by Wednesday lunchtime so I can get everything sorted and let folks know. Gladiator sign up here


Please make sure you sign up for yoga. The details will be sent out on Tuesday afternoon to all those who complete the details. Check your email or the BTS Facebook page for the sign-up link.

Sessions for week 15

Mon 13-Apr Strength & Conditioning Self-led video link Living Room / Spare Room / Shed / Garage
Tue 14-Apr Run set Andrea will provide Outside (as long as we are allowed)
Yoga 6:15 – setup
6:30pm – start
Louise ONLINE – Details to be sent out
Wed 15-Apr Gladiator Spin /
Sign up here
6 pm – Setup
6:15 – Start
Andy ONLINE – Details to be sent out
Thur 16-Apr Strength & Conditioning Self-led video link Living Room / Spare Room / Shed / Garage
Fri 17-Apr No club sessions/rest day
Sat 18-Apr Zwift Online Meetup / Individual rides 9:00 am

Zwift meetup will happen if the weather outside isn’t good

Living Room / Spare Room / Shed / Garage

Details to be sent out

Sun 19-Apr Endurance Run Recommended: 10km – Work on a route you know, 1km w.up 5x[5min harder (5k pace), 3min recovery (easy)], 1km w.down
Reduce for beginner/sprint: 5km. Reduce the number of sets 3x[5min harder (5k pace), 3min recovery (easy)].
Step up for 70.3 & IM: 12km incl. 8x[5min harder (10k pace), 3min recovery (asy)].

Covid 19

Please continue to follow advice on hygiene, social distancing and lockdown procedures:
  • Continue to train, as long as you display no symptoms of any illness
  • Be aware of the training stress on your body. It is not advised to increase training load or stress at this time – if in doubt, keep training but don’t overdo it
  • Exercise and training are advised as a way to maintain mental health, we are used to it and rely on it as a stress relief
  • Eat healthily and maintain a balanced diet, especially when training
  • Don’t train or meet up with others, outside of your family/home

Enjoy the sessions we are trying to set up this week. Please send me any feedback or useful links to try.


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