Club training 2020 week 13

Training Plan

Written by Olivier Salmon

March 22, 2020

Note: all training sessions are canceled until further notice as per our chairman’s latest update. We’ve worked on ways to provide virtual training for week 13.
Coach: Andy

From the coach

What a week! I do hope that all are well and staying safe, following government guidelines.
After our quickfire online committee discussion, following government guidelines on Monday we have worked hard to come up with training solutions for all over the upcoming weeks/months. Training wise last week was a total write off for me, and many others. I really missed the group aspect of the club and struggled to balance daily briefings with working in a school (we have BTS members who are NHS staff and other key workers). Let’s just say alcohol consumption went up to a Christmas-type level.
However, the weekend came and I embraced the quietness of footpaths for a run and tried my first Zwift session. It was great fun. I don’t mind the turbo, but Karen hates it! The game and social aspect of it was enjoyable and ‘borrowing’ a projector from work made it a much better experience.
This week, as a club, we are going to try and hold a number of online group sessions. Yoga, Spinning and Saturday rides are planned to take place, with more details on each to follow. I would recommend signing up for the Free 7 Day trial on Zwift and give it a try before Saturday.

Zwift in 3 simple steps

  1. Any turbo will do – I have a very old CycleOps one and Karen has a cheapie from Argos. You can go higher end for a better experience, but not required
  2. Bluetooth Speed & Cadence – this is the one thing you may need to upgrade if you don’t already have one. Amazon do them for £17
  3. Zwift account, Laptop/tablet & smart phone – Follow the simple steps to create an account (7 Day Free Trial) and download the Companion App from your relevant app store

Swim conditioning ideas and links

Many people are concerned about how to stay swim fit. Impossible without a pool. However, you can maintain muscle condition and develop other conditioning to support swimming for when we do return. Monday has turned into a swim conditioning session as has Thursday. This week I have found a great workout video to watch. I’ve wanted to try the Insanity Workout for years, and now is my chance! Give it a try and see how it goes. Developing overall strength and fitness certainly benefits swim position and ability. We will try to develop further strength and conditioning training as we go.

Training for the week 13 ahead

` Date Session Time(s) Lead/Coach Location
Mon 23-Mar Strength & Conditioning Self-led video link
See Swim Video above
Living Room / Spare Room / Shed / Garage
Tue 24-Mar Run set Andrea will provide Outside (as long as we are allowed and on our own)
Yoga 6:30 pm Louise ONLINE – Details to be sent out
Wed 25-Mar Spin / Turbo 6:15 pm Andy ONLINE – Details to be sent out
Thur 26-Mar Strength & Conditioning Self-led video link
Living Room / Spare Room / Shed / Garage
Fri 27-Mar No club sessions/rest day
Sat 28-Mar A Ride 9:00 am Zwift Online BTS Group Meet-up

Living Room / Spare Room / Shed / Garage

Details to be sent out

B Ride
C Ride
Sun 29-Mar Endurance Run Recommended: Long and steady. 8-10mi @ race pace +30s/mi, 20s/km. This should be a very easy pace
Reduce for beginner/sprint:  5-7mi @ race pace +30s/mi, 20s/km.
Step up for 70.3 & IM: Increase distance, 10-15mi


Please continue to follow advice on hygiene, social distancing and any lockdown procedures. I reiterate messages from the last weeks:
  • Continue to train, as long as you display no symptoms of any illness
  • Be aware of the training stress on your body. It is not advised to increase training load or stress at this time – if in doubt, keep training but don’t overdo it
  • Exercise and training are advised as a way to maintain mental health, we are used to it and rely on it as a stress relief
  • Eat healthily and maintain a balanced diet, especially when training

Enjoy the sessions we are trying to set up this week. Please send me any feedback or useful links to try.


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