Chicago World Age Group Champs

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September 23, 2015

It has been 11 months since a discussion along the lines of ‘Wouldn’t it be great to see if we could get several BTS people to qualify for the World Champs next year?’. Since then, the club has seen British and European Champions and medalists, 70.3 Champs, the biggest turn out for local races in years and a very healthy influx of new members.

In the end, something like 13 members have raced in GB colours, and after a summer of qualifiers, rolldown processes, kit buying and flight booking, 7 of those 13 joined a GB Age Group team of over 500 who made their way to Chicago for the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final. Racing in the same venue as the Elites, they did BTS proud, managing to all finish safely (sometimes in rather hot weather) and avoid over doing the US sized food portions in the run up to race day.

Special mention to Julia Hodkinson, who always likes to get her monies worth, so actually raced the Aquathlon (Weds), Sprint (Thurs) and Standard (Sat) races, so has an awful lot of official photography to go through. 🙂

Results for all three events are below. with some selected images too.

Aquathlon (750m/5km)

Name Cat Cat Pos Time Swim T1 Run
Julia F5559 10 0:43:21 0:14:58 0:04:03 0:24:21

Sprint (750m/20k/5km)

Name Cat Cat Pos Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
Martyn M3539 53 1:12:12 0:13:49 0:03:37 0:31:04 0:03:02 0:20:42
Steve M5054 85 1:20:37 0:16:33 0:04:01 0:32:26 0:02:59 0:24:40
Julia F5559 12 1:21:22 0:15:13 0:04:16 0:32:43 0:03:00 0:26:11
Sue F4549 72 1:31:21 0:15:20 0:04:49 0:37:38 0:03:49 0:29:47

Standard (1500m/37km/10.6k)

Name Cat Cat Pos Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
Paul M4044 30 2:08:03 0:21:52 0:04:11 0:56:11 0:03:11 0:42:40
David M5054 79 2:26:34 0:29:13 0:04:15 1:00:46 0:02:59 0:49:44
Julia F5559 21 2:36:14 0:26:57 0:04:29 1:05:16 0:03:36 0:55:57
Lesley M6064 22 2:56:24 0:29:49 0:04:48 1:19:36 0:03:47 0:58:26

Click for larger image. 

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