Challenge Prague Triathlon 2018

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October 2, 2018



Challenge Prague Triathlon 2018


Back last year a plan was hatched to travel to an international race as a team. A Tri-cation…. See what I did there?! Challenge Prague Half Distance was the target and our trusty coaches loaded plans into TrainingPeaks and the race seemed a long way away.

Long before BTS was a twinkle in your author’s eye, I booked some flights to Prague with my triathlete friend Sophie to be her support crew. so worked out really well that BTS picked it for a target race too!

All of a sudden it was 12 weeks to go, training plans ramped up, hotels were booked, cancelled, booked, minibuses planned and bike boxes hired.

4 weeks to go and I jumped on the bandwagon, entering the Challenge Try-athlon. Which I thought would be a baby race for baby triathletes… little did I know.

My first Prague Challenge was getting my bike to and from Prague, I learnt lots, got mocked lots and got a few bruises too. I’ve written a full report of the Try-athlon here. But in short, when I racked my bike, the abundance of TT bars, told me it wasn’t all newbies.

Over to Chris for a report of the main race.

Race Report

Having had 2 days of carbo-loading, a little bit of sightseeing and for most of us a lazy Friday, Saturday came around all too quickly and it was time to set everything up for the race. The split transition meant a little more organisation than normal as well as the added hassle of making sure you had the right kit in the right transition bag.

The race started at midday which on this particular day meant temperatures of 30 C and then some. Pre-race talk of exactly how much hydration was required meant most people had several storage devices!

With a river temperature of 19 C going from a boil in a bag wetsuit to chilly water meant we were all glad for the several minute’s acclimatisation time before the gun went.

As with all Age Group races we were set off at intervals in waves. Which gave even more incentive, if required, to catch / not be caught.

The heat seemed to take its toll less on the smaller, lighter athletes of the group and or they did appropriate acclimatisation training!  Kate and Paul were both sufficiently fast to avoid being handed 2-litre bottles of water at the bottle exchange after the event organisers ran out of cycle cage compatible bottles.

Chris managed to drop his chain twice having hoped that saving weight/drag with no front derailleur would pay off, obviously not then!

Off on the run, Ed was feeling the heat more than the rest, everyone was using plenty of sponges and cups of water were being drunk / thrown over themselves.

Guy Grewel managed to disqualify himself from the race. We are still none the wiser as to whether he actually took a wrong turn or not!

The finish line didn’t come too soon for anyone. Top finisher position in category goes to Julia, many congratulations. The BTS supporters contingent were brilliant shouting encouragement from the sidelines. As with all events support from your fellow BTS colleagues/competitors goes a long way to keeping up spirits and moral. Well done everyone.

Beer, Bangers (Czech Sausage) and Burgers all followed during an evening of recovery and tails of the day.

Rank Bib Fullname Nat. Year Club Category Rank/Category Time (hr:min)
32 84 ROBINSON Kate GBR 1984 Berkshire Tri Squad 5. / W 30 – 34 05:10
52 156 HART Lynda USA 1973 Berkshire Tri Squad 5. / W 45 – 49 05:31
95 183 HODKINSON Julia GBR 1958 Berkshire Tri Squad 2. / W 60 – 64 06:16
44 749 FITZPATRICK Paul 1973 Berkshire Tri Squad 3. / M 45 – 49 04:34
92 750 DOLLIMORE Chris 1972 Berkshire Tri Squad 7. / M 45 – 49 04:48
187 752 TABORELLI Andrea 1973 Berkshire Tri Squad 15. / M 45 – 49 05:06
249 310 NUNN Edward 1984 Berkshire Tri Squad 47. / M 30 – 34 05:16

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