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Written by Olivier Salmon

February 9, 2021


Sometime in lockdown last year a bunch of BTS members entered a Zwift Team Time Trial. And then they’ve entered the week after. And after. To keep up with the logistic, we created a WhatsApp group as more and more members joined both WA and the TTT.

With the pandemic taking longer than expected, our Saturday rides turned into virtual meetups, and the WhatsApp group extended. From time to time, the group sees off-topic conversation (but still triathlon related) and we thought it was time to refocus on the primary purpose of the WRTL TTT group: our Thursday’s Team Time Trial.

As a result, and to push information to people who don’t check FaceBook, I’ve created a new group on WhatsApp: BTS members. Very creative.

As the descriptions say, the purpose of this group is to:

  1. promote BTS virtual events during the lockdown
  2. let members freely ask questions (preferably related to swim/cycle/run/yoga/pilates)
  3. free the WRTL TTT WhatsApp group
  4. allow members not on FB to have an alternative way to get up to date with training sessions
  5. push discount code from partners or marketing emails and events

If you are already in the group and want to OPT-OUT, drop me a message with OPT-OUT. If you would like to join the group, please drop me a message with OPT-IN, your name to 07971245857.

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