Ian has put together a great session to really focus on technique and give the arms/shoulders a bit of a rest!


13/2 Technical focus

After a few heavy weeks on the arms, this week is a focus back on technique and getting the basics right:

  • Breathing – using the bow wave, not lifting the head. Head next to shoulder
  • Head position – straight, not too low or high
  • Body position – flat, near the surface (head-heels)
  • Posture and Alignment – no snaking, torpedo-like
  • Body rotation – even rotation from shoulders and hips
  • Arm recovery – good water clearance with hand and elbow
  • Hand entry – reaching as far forward as possible, spearing, middle finger first, not crossing the head
  • Catch – low wrist/high elbow catch
  • Kicking technique – ballet kick, heels near/breaking the surface, toes kissing
Warm up

100-200m easy swim

1-3 x 25m pull, 20-40s deep water/vertical kick, 25m pull


Main – 1000-1500m

2 or 3 x 500M swum as below:
50M Bilateral Breathing
50M Look down (head position)
50M Swim to incorporate the above
50M Zipper
50M Chicken Wing
50M Swim to incorporate the above
50M Spearing Fish
50M Press catch
50M Swim to incorporate the above
50M Kick


Cool down

Hypoxic breathing

Either pyramid 2,3,4,5,6,5,4,3,2

Or reducing 6,5,4,3,2

Time dependent

Have a great swim