BTS and GBR 2015

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September 10, 2015


Seven members of  BTS, will be heading to Chicago next week to represent Great Britain at the World Championships. It’s been a pretty extraordinary 12 months for the Berkshire Tri Squad (BTS), as 12 of its members have been selected to represent Great Britain this year.

The 12 people represent almost 10% of our members having international representation this year whilst a similar number of our members were completely new to the sport and took part in their first triathlon in 2015




Members of the BTS team in their GB kit and pictured below are (from left to right):

• Ed Nunn – Euro Middle Distance, Rimini (M30-34)
• Julia Hodkinson – World Champs, Chicago (F55-59)
• Martyn Parrish – World Champs, Chicago (M35-39)
• Louise Croxson – European Champs Geneva, 2x British Champion, Euro Silver Medal (F40-44)
• David Hough – World Champs, Chicago (M50-54)
• Steve Fuller – World Champs, Chicago (M50-54)
• Lesley Kernaghan – World Champs, Chicago (F60-64)
• Paul Fitzpatrick– European Champs, Geneva. World Champs, Chicago (M40-44)
• Sue Anstiss (F45-49) – European Champs, Geneva. World Champs, Chicago
Not pictured by also representing GB this year:
• Kate McNeill – Euro Middle Distance, Rimini 2x European medallist (F30-34)
• Ellie Quarrington– European Champs, Geneva (F20-24)
• Wayne Clements – European Duathlon Champs (M35-39)

Of the above, 7 will be featuring at the ITU Grand Final in Chicago. Below are the Names, Events, Waves and Start times. Race Numbers will follow once known.

Sue Anstiss F4549 Sprint (Thurs) Wave 27, 1:00pm
Paul Fitzpatrick M4044(B) Olympic (Sat) Wave 16, 11:08am
Steve Fuller M5054(A) Sprint (Thurs) Wave 22, 12:30pm
Julia Hodkinson F5559 Aquathlon (Wed) Wave 12, 12:00pm
Julia Hodkinson F5559 Sprint (Thurs) Wave 21, 12:15pm
Julia Hodkinson F5559 Olympic (Sat) Wave 25, 12:00pm
David Hough M5054(A) Olympic (Sat) Wave 26, 12:10pm
Lesley Kernaghan F6064 Olympic (Sat) Wave 22, 11:40am
Martyn Parrish M3539(B) Sprint (Thurs) Wave 10, 11:15am


GBR Kit Team

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