Big-Cow, Marlow, Thame, Brum and Le Tour

Written by BTS Admin

July 25, 2012

Several races to report on over the last couple of weekends, with the most BTS rich event taking place at Marlow on Sunday 15th July . Supposedly taking place over the Sprint Distance, ¬†due to marshalling errors, several runners ended up doing an extra mile on the run, straight up Marlow high street. Something that Gope Walker especially would like to re-iterate when you are reading his time below. Lovely day (for once) along the river though, and the ridiculous current mean’t that people were doing 750m in the time it usually takes them to do 500! – So no Mr Walker, you are not better than me at swimming! ūüôā


Position Name Cat Swim Bike Run (7.5k) Total
39 JAMES JUNKER MV40 00:10:51 01:06:30 00:32:44 01:52:26
228 JANE, BARBARA, KATY REL 00:11:15 01:27:52 00:39:09 02:19:34


Position Name Cat Swim Bike Run Total
19 GOPE WALKER MSEN 00:09:25 00:45:47 00:35:45 01:33:40
97 SALVATORE MV40 00:09:45 00:49:58 00:44:25 01:46:20
110 SHANNON PHILLIS FV40 00:10:34 00:55:50 00:39:27 01:50:15
159 EMMA HARRISON FSEN 00:10:26 01:10:10 00:57:30 02:22:24

The Old Boys (their words not mine) were out again the week before at the Big Cow National Middle Distance champs. Richard File won his age group (again), with Peter David 10th in his.¬† If you are reading this Christina, Peter would like to explain that “my swim time was poor because I got kicked in the head around the first buoy and lost my breakfast…not the ideal start to a 5 hour race…” ¬†ūüôĀ

Overall Name Category Finish Swim Cycle Run
121 Peter David 50-54 04:56:50 00:37:08 02:46:59 01:27:47
222 Richard File 65-69 05:17:08 00:36:16 02:54:53 01:41:57

Next up, Lucinda Lyon again wore shiny new BTS kit at her second ever triathlon, this one being at Thame Leisure Centre, over a 4oom, 11 Mile, 3 Mile course. Lucinda  covered the distances in 10:51, 37:29  and 30:36  respectively, for a total time of 1:21:53

And to finish this round up of multi-sport news, Paul Fitzpatrick completed the Inaugural Birmingham Triathlon at Sutton Park in 2.36 mins. A 1500m swim made up of 4 laps up and down a lake mean’t faster swimmers crashing into the back of slower ones, an 8 lap, 37km bike on gravel and speed bump strewn park roads, and a 4 lap off road run on wet grass does not make for a good race! Not one we would recommend.

Finally, a special mention for Peter David again, not strictly for multisport, but he wore the BTS yellow shirt for the Acte II of the Etape du Tour on Saturday 14th .   A grueling 10hrs 37mins in frightful wet and cold conditions Р201km long and 4.8km vertical.  Only 3800 of 10000 starters finished, so well done Peter!


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