Club training 2020 week 9

Training Plan

Written by Olivier Salmon

February 23, 2020

Intro from the coach & discount codes

Hi Everyone, I know the weather here hasn’t been great but I do hope you’ve managed to battle through!? For those who have been trying, the Windsor discount code is working again. We also now have a code for F3 events, especially those in May – check out the diary dates below for more details and to sign up! We are short on availability for B and C ride leaders this weekend. If you are able/willing, then please let me know.


Having set my goals in September/October I can safely say that I need to add another – loose some weight! Forget spending £££ on new kit or the latest bit of tech, simply losing a bit of weight can have a massive impact. My shoulder injury, followed by Christmas and our recent trip to South Africa has meant that my waistline has felt the impact! I am looking carefully at how to have a better balanced diet and planning meals and training over the next 7 weeks to, hopefully, reduce me back to my fighting weight. The key part of all of this is balance and not incorporating too many big changes. There are many very good books on diets for athletes of all shapes, sizes and food choices. All advice points towards doing your research and making small adjustments, especially while you are training.

FTP Test

Friday Bike Improvement – this week we have the FTP test for bike improvement. There are 5 of us signed up so far, but if you would like to come along simple join the poll. We will start warming up from 6:15pm and finish by 7:15pm. The test itself only takes 20 minutes and now is a great time to get a measure of where your current bike power output is. We will use the score from this for the upcoming indoor sessions, as well as for the summer Time Trial cycles (summer will come!). If I get more than 7 then I will run 2x 45 minute sessions and start slightly earlier (6pm), but will cross that bridge if/when it comes.

Sunday Social Run

Sunday ‘social’ run – I was not able to arrange a coached session at the track in Maidenhead, but am still working on this with the coaches at Maidenhead AC. This Sunday will be the second ‘social’ endurance run. I am hoping to plan routes around Windsor, but more details and sign up will follow. This was really successful last month. All participants put in their preferred distance and pace. We set of in opposite directions around the loop at set intervals, crossed at half way-ish – which was a great motivator, and managed to finish within 2 minutes of each other with celebratory coffee & cake. Keep an eye out for the details to follow, but get it in your diary for Sunday morning.

Week’s Training Plan

Here is the plan for the week ahead:
` Date Session Time(s) Lead/Coach Location
Mon 24-Feb Beechwood Swim 8 pm Chris D Beechwood School
Tue 25-Feb Club run 6:30 pm Andrea Dorney Lake – park near Bray Lake
7:45 pm Louise Dedworth Library
Wed 26-Feb Spin
6:15 pm Julia BTS Spin Studio
Thur 27-Feb Heathfield Swim 6:15 pm Andy Heathfield School, Ascot (Priory Road entrance).
7:15 pm Uncoached, set provided
Fri 28-Feb FRIDAY Bike Improvement – FTP Test
Bike Improvement: FTP Test
Sat 29-Feb A Ride 9:00 am Jeeves Barry Avenue, Windsor – next to the ice cream hut
B Ride Looking for a volunteer
C Ride Looking for a volunteer
Sun 01-Mar Club Sunday ‘Social’ Endurance run Full details to follow. It will either be Windsor-based routes, or I will do a re-run of the ones we used last time and worked so well.
The plan will be to sign up for your preferred distance and pace. I will then send out start times so that we all finish together to go for coffee.

Diary dates

Have a great week



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