New designs club kit

Written by Olivier Salmon

February 16, 2020


We have great pleasure in announcing the arrival of the new season of BTS club kit.

Currently available for Cycle Jerseys, Shorts and Tri wear (others to come based on demand) we have re-worked our typeface to better bring together the ‘bts’ and our full club name. Also, we now are offering ITU/ETU legal rear zip Tri suits in both sleeveless and short sleeve options.

NOTE: All members who renew in the previous April will receive a £20 (£10 for standard members) refund on their first kit purchase in the following 12 months.  All new members will continue to receive a £20 refund on their first kit purchase after joining.

Click on the images and links in the info section for more detail about designs, fabrics and sizing for each item. We have tried to give you all the information you need here on the BTS pages. However, if you would like to see more information on different products, you can visit for their full range of “Custom Kit”. We may look to add more items to this range as the season progresses or in time for winter.


1) Browse through the BTS Kit page descriptions below under each image

2) Have an idea in mind of what you want to purchase i.e. Gender, Range, Size, Sleeved/Sleeveless, Front/Rear Zip etc, as each of these are separate items within the shop – READ CAREFULLY BEFORE ORDERING

3) Visit

4) BEFORE you enter the Team Store code of ‘berktri’, you first click on ‘Register for a Verge Sport Account’ and fill in your email address.

5) DO NOTHING until you have received the confirmation code to your email address. 

6) Use the confirmation code to access the Account page and fill in all your details.

7) Once all completed, you may end up on a page with ‘Welcome to Team Stores’… At this point SIGN OUT using the box at the top of the page

8) NOW re-enter and type in ‘berktri’ in the Team Store box. You should now have access and be able to use the ‘Client Login’ at the end of the shopping process, rather than trying to set up an account AFTER you have filled the basket. This seems to mess up the store flow in some cases. 

9) Have a good look through all the items – AGAIN, READ THE DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY to ensure what you are ordering matches what you want.

10) Add the item and size of items to your basket

11) Finish and pay – currently, you may see that all kit will go to a central club location. Verge are looking to offer direct to buyer postage, but the current default is that all kit will go to Stephanie Muzzall as the Kit Manager, so don’t panic if you don’t recognise the delivery address! This means also that the club will pay postage during any Kit Window (usually £5/order other times)

12) Forward any confirmation you receive from Verge to, so that we collate all the orders and record what people are buying. This will also help with receiving your £10 or £20 rebate from the club, as described previously

13) Wait for your kit! It should be 5-6 weeks after the kit window closes and Verge starts manufacture. Again, delivery dates will be confirmed by the club as soon as we know.

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