Awards Dinner 2016

Written by BTS Admin

November 16, 2016

Following the horrendous Ballbuster Duathlon that several members had taken part in that morning, came the much more enjoyable (and dry, at least weatherwise) BTS Annual Awards Dinner.

Organised by the Social team of Sara Handford and Kate Robinson, this year’s event was held at the new venue of Savill Court Hotel on the outskirts of Windsor.

As is usual, this event is the one chance a year that the club members get out their nice suits/dresses and makes an effort to cast aside the lycra that we all see each other in 90% of the time. Although a few members still couldn’t quite go all the way and still turned up sporting oversized Garmin multi-sport watches, something that Men’s Captain Ed Nunn picked up on and insisted a drink be taken. Next year there will have to be some kind of forfeit!

Lead by Chairwoman Lynda Hart and over the course of 3….errr, courses of food, the Club awarded a number of prizes to those deserving recognition of their efforts. With Trophies changing hands and an awful lot of chocolate, wine and other random gifts (Reversible Beanie hats and Big Buoy pull buoys to name but two), there was plenty of time to cheer, applaud, mock and generally admire all the people that help make the club what it is.

Once all the ‘formalities’ were over and the coffee served, the DJ started in earnest and the proper drinking could start. Or in the case of new member Jonno Pybus, the dancing!

Below are a full list of the winners and a selection of photos, courtesy of Neil Macfarlane. Click on an image to view or for the full set click HERE


Award Winner
Best Newcomer Sam Pannell
Ladies Captain Award Recognising club members with small kids
Men’s Captain Award Andrea Taborelli
Club League – Men Chris Dollimore
Club League – Women Lesley Kernaghan
Challenge Cup Men Paul Fitzpatrick
Challenge Cup Women Lynda Hart
Contribution to Club Paul Fitzpatrick
Club Champs – Men Sam Pannell
Club Champs – Women Louise Croxson
Most Improved overall Chris Dollimore
Most Improved – Swim Helen Clayton
Most Improved – Bike Katie Nunn
Most improved – Run Kate Robinson
Flying Dismount Gope Walker
Wattage Bazooka Laura Baylis
Contribution to Coaching Ed Nunn
Most Embarrassing Luke McCarthy
Michael Kennedy Award Fred Booker
Resilience Award Louise C, April P
Elegance Award Valerie W, Andrew B
Stamina Award Matt Pammer
Chairman’s Award Jane Drapkin

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