August Newsletter

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September 3, 2016

This is the newsletter for August – Hope that this update on the latest BTS goings-on (and TV coverage of La Vuelta) will get you through these first painful hours of withdrawal from the Olympics. 

Spare a thought for Jessica Padley, Luke McCarthy, Chris Taylor and Rob Walker who were out in Rio (albeit working)!

Club cyclesIf you would like to volunteer to lead a group ride, please contact Mark Wilkes

Lynda Hart, Club Chair, writes: “It’s been a bit of a silly summer with quite a few individuals dismounting their bikes from inappropriate angles.  When you ride (or run, or swim), and if something happens, do those helping you have the information they need?

While we keep your emergency contact information in the club database, that’s still a long route for us to contact your person when you might be sitting on the side of Drift Road.  So why not get yourself a Road ID to wear when you train?  You can design your own style (you can even get it in pink Louise Croxson), put whatever contact details you need on it, and wear it in a variety of ways.  In the last week alone, I’ve worn mine on my wrist, seen one worn on someone’s ankle like a timing chip and ridden next to a guy who had it attached to the strap on his helmet.  I’ve got my blood type on mine, who to call in the UK and the US in case of emergency and a reference to my dog Tucker.  ‘Cause you never know, if I’m lying on the side of the road and can’t communicate well, I want someone to find my dog).  Train safe out there, and think about making it easy for someone to help you if you can’t help yourself (and good luck coming up with your own inspirational slogan).”


Race results – July results are now live on the BTS website.  Don’t forget to update Paul Fitzpatrick and Steve Fuller with your multi-sports results so that they can update the Club Challenge and Club League tables as well as the BTS website. 

There is also a feature on Bananaman on the website where you will be able to see the results and photos of members taking part in the Team Time Trial, Relay and Individual races.  Watch out for an update on the recent Club Champs too.


BTS Ladies Sunday Social Cycle and Puncture Workshop – Gemma Korff, Ladies’ Captain, writes: “On Sunday July 24th, 11 lovely Lycra clad ladies set out for a sunny social bike ride.  Our club chair kindly led the C paced ride and our puncture tutor Louise led the B ride.  Lots of chat and a bit of pedalling saw us whizzing around the Berkshire countryside for 25/30 sunny miles before returning to Lynden Manor for a civilised combination of tea, cake and scones whilst Louise gave us a super demo of how to change a flat tyre.  She then took great delight in letting the air out of everyone’s tyres for a practice!  A little while later (most) tyres were replaced and re inflated and we were on our way home. 

The following week, I got another flat (can’t blame Lou for that one!) and managed to not only change the tube all by myself (good job as the chief mechanic in the Korff household was away!) but didn’t get covered in muck doing so.  Success! 

Thanks to all the ladies for a fab morning, Julia and Phil for hosting and to Lynda and Louise for leading the rides and puncture workshop!  Keep your eyes peeled for another ladies’ ride in the spring! In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you on a Saturday ride in the near future.  If you’re new or not sure whether to join us on a Saturday, just have a chat with me or one of the ride leaders (see the weekly emails ?).”

Lynda Hart, Club Chair, also writes: “While we know some of you were racing, we’ll ensure to have another session to get in some more practice at changing your tube without the pressure of holding up a ride or worrying about speed.  If you have any ideas for another excuse for a group ride and some cake, let us know.  We might even invite the boys along next time.”


Marlow Riders and BTS Charity Coffee Stop – On Saturday 30th July, Lynden Manor (venue for BTS spinning, Hog Roast, Puncture repair session and many other activities), became the official coffee stop for Marlow Riders.

The Marlow Riders cycling club regularly gets 50 or more members out on its Saturday morning rides so we volunteered to host them to raise money for Action Medical Research, a charity which funds research into diseases that devastate the lives of children and babies. about-us

With a table full of cakes baked by Gemma, Sara, Nicky and Julia and a tea urn kindly lent by Maidenhead AC, the morning was going to be full of calories.  Almost 60 Marlow Riders arrived in their groups, later to be joined by the BTS riders who were happy to finish off all the left-over cake.  £360 was raised for Action Medical Research, for which they are very grateful.

This is very likely to become an annual event.  Any excuse for more cake!


The “Not the Ride 100” Ride – Neil MacFarlane writes: “I signed up on impulse for the “Not the Ride 100” Ride”, drawn by the idea of cycling to triple figures.  I wasn’t convinced I had done enough mileage this year to be ready for such a long ride, so I was a little apprehensive on the day, not helped by the unexpected appearance of Simon Allinson on the start line.  However, John Booker was true to his word and we set off at a B’ish pace and we cruised our way to the first of the pie/pastry stops at Bramley.  At this point, Beth Booker and Lesley Kernaghan headed back for Windsor while we continued our quest to find the pub with the best pies in Wherwell.  John’s route took us along smooth, undulating roads through some lovely countryside, although I mainly saw this from the “side window” as I took shelter in the middle of the group.  I even missed the moment when Gope Walker tried to take a short cut through a particularly thick and thorny hedge.  Fortunately there was no permanent damage done to either body or bike and we arrived at Wherwell without further incident.  The pies all looked great and my pork, chilli and chorizo pie tasted all the better for having done a few miles in good company.  It was tempting to stay in the sunshine, drink a beer or two and catch the train home but that idea was never going to float past the BTS crowd so we refilled water bottles and made our way back to Windsor.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day which was thanks to John for putting a great route together and the rest of the riders who looked out for me and let me sit on their wheel for 100 miles – it was much appreciated and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to do longer rides.”

Many thanks to John Booker for organising this ride – now an annual BTS event!


Dates for your diary


  • Captains’ Challenge – details coming soon
  • Tour de Caffeine – details coming soon
  • Annual Awards Dinner – Saturday 12th November – start thinking now about your nominations for the Awards…who stands out? And more importantly, why do they stand out?!  More details on the categories to come soon


And lastly, an Olympic-themed joke: “A gymnast walks into a bar…He gets a two-point deduction and ruins his chances of a medal.”


Joanne Nimmo – Press Secretary

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