Dear BTS Tuesday (Solo / Isolated / Indoor / 2m Distanced) Run Clubbers

Your challenge this week is to do the following at a distance, safely, remotely or isolated.

These are to be done preferably on a hill (Kenyan Hill Reps) but if not the flat is fine as it’s all about effort.

Warm-up: 10 – 15 mins easy @ 5 RPE*
Main Set: (Repeat 10 times) 1 min HARD @ 10 RPE / 1:30 min EASY @ 3 RPE
Cool down: 10 mins easy @ 5 RPE

The main set is all running, including the cool downs, and so try to and be consistent rather than all out at the beginning and slowing as you get through the set. Easier said than done!

*RPE = Rate of perceived effort. 1 low to 10 high

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