Hello BTS Run Fans …. I hope you are all keeping as healthy and sane as possible

Your inside/outside set this week is one of my favorites:

Warm-up: 10-15 mins easy

Main Set: 8 x 3 mins alternating between threshold (x4) & tempo (x4) w/ 1 min walking recovery between each interval

Cooldown: 10-15 mins easy

If running outside, please be considerate of other people.
Keep your distance, cross the road, move to the side, and if you have to stop for a few secs to let people past then do so…that one interval is not that important. It can be intimidating for others seeing a runner approaching at pace. Yesterday a runner practically brushed past me when out for a family walk, without any consideration or effort to slow down or keep their distance. Very vexing. Let’s not be that person.