BTS Offers two levels of membership, with all details below.
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Full Membership Standard Membership
Swimming All pool sessions n/a
Discounted lake swimming n/a
Spinning All spin sessions On inclement Saturdays
Coaching Coaching course subsidy n/a
£70 discount on fees £50 discount on fees
Access to Training Peaks Access to Training Peaks
Competition Selected race subsidies Relay race subsidy
Club League/Champs Club League/Champs
Captains’ Challenge Captains’ Challenge
Cycling All cycling sessions All cycling sessions
Tour de Caffeine Tour de Caffeine
Use of Watt Bike Use of Watt Bike
Yoga All yoga sessions Pay as you go
Running All run sessions All run sessions
Social Awards Dinner Awards Dinner
Club BBQ Club BBQ
Xmas Drinks Xmas Drinks
All other social events All other social events
Membership £20 kit voucher and swim hat £20 kit voucher
Discounted club kit Discounted club kit
Fees Individual: £185 pa. Individual: £50 pa.
  Family: £330 pa. Family: £90 pa.
  Joining fee : £19 (ind), £34 (fam) Joining fee : £19 (ind), £34 (fam)

1. The coaching course subsidy is subject to prior Committee approval based on the Club’s needs.
2. Members may, subject to availability, bring along a non-member who is either considering joining the club or visiting to one cycle, run, swim and/or spin session each year.
3. Standard members considering upgrading to Full membership may, subject to availability, attend one swim and/or spin session each year.