From the coach (Chris)

I’ve been informed by the management team from Beechwood that the pool is open as normal today. However, I’ve recently been in contact with someone who today has, just today, got a temperature of well over 100 so I’m not planning on going swimming myself.

The suggested set is below, not too complicated to remember but if someone can print it off that would be great.

See you sometime. Cheers. Chris


Beechwood School

Training Plan

Warmup (400m)

  • Swim steady until 8.10 pm, aim for at least 200m.
  • Don’t wait for the other lanes and complete:

1 x 50 at CSS +3 (slower than CSS),
1 x 50 at CSS +1
1 x 50 at CSS -1
1 x 50 at CSS -3 (faster than CSS),

15 sec rest between

MAIN SET (2400m, 2100m, 1700m)

Desc = Descending, start each set at CSS +3, finish at CSS -1
So for 300m this would be 100@CSS+3, 100@CSS+1, 100@CSS-1
AFAP = As Fast As Possible = Sprinting = HURTS!

  • 2 (2) (1) x 400m Desc. 40s Rest

Add 60s Recovery

  • 2 (1) (1) x 300m Desc. 40s Rest

Add 60s Recovery

  • 3 (3) (3) x 200m Desc. 20s Rest

Add 60s Recovery

  • 4 (4) (4) x 100m AFAP 30s Rest

Cool-Down (200m)

  • 50m Free
  • 50m Back
  • 50m Breast
  • 50m Free