Note: all training session for week 12 are cancelled until further noticed as per our chairman’s latest update. We’re working on ways to provide virtual training (yoga, cycling).
Coach: Andy

From the coach

It seems that 2020 is not going to be a chilled, easy year. Having lasted the test of numerous weather events, we now have Covid-19 to contend with. This week Gemma posted a very sensible article on the Facebook page with advice to athletes on how to continue training during this unsettled and potentially difficult period.


The main points from this article are similar to what was advised by Michael Smyth last week:
  • Continue to train, as long as you display no symptoms of any illness
  • Be aware of the training stress on your body. It is not advised to increase training load or stress at this time – if in doubt, keep training but don’t over do it
  • Exercise and training are advised as a way to maintain mental health, we are used to it and rely on it as a stress relief
  • Eat healthily and maintain a balanced diet, especially when training
To reiterate Michael’s email from last week:
As a club we will continue to function and run sessions, as long as government advice allows us to do so. Please do not attend sessions if you do not feel 100%, it is unadvised at this time to risk yourself and others within our community, and certainly if develop any symptoms of infection.
You can get the latest information here:
The committee will continue to monitor the situation and will make decisions on the club programme in line with government advice. These will be communicated by email.
I know everyone is keen to maximise their training opportunities and although this may feel like an imposition it is designed to limit the risk to everyone and I hope the committee can count on your cooperation.
At this time it is uncertain which events will be going ahead. We will keep members posted as soon as we find out more.

Yoga, Spinning & B ride leader

Current slots available at Yoga and Spinning will remain the same, unless government advice changes. Liam M is not able to lead the B ride this week. If you are able to volunteer, please let me know.

Training for the week ahead

` Date Session Time(s) Lead/Coach Location
Mon 15-Mar Beechwood Swim 8pm Chris D Beechwood School
Tue 16-Mar Club run 6:30pm Andrea Dorney Lake – park near Bray Lake
7:45pm Louise Windsor
Wed 17-Mar Spin
6:15pm Karen BTS Spin Studio
Thur 18-Mar Heathfield Swim 6:15pm Chris H Heathfield School, Ascot (Priory Road entrance).
7:15pm Set provided (Ian around for some 1:1)
Fri 19-Mar No club sessions / rest day
Sat 20-Mar A Ride 9:00am Simon A Barry Avenue, Windsor – next to the ice cream hut
B Ride Looking for a volunteer
C Ride Lesley K
Sun 21-Mar Endurance Run Recommended: Tech-free trails. 6-10mi @ steady/endurance pace. Find a great route and don’t worry about the time/HR/strava…. The focus is on developing strength, agility and stability in the ankles & knees.
Reduce for beginner/sprint:  5-7mi @ steady/endurance pace.
Step up for 70.3 & IM: Increase distance, 10-15mi
Individual run sessions. If you would company then post your session (location, distance, pace) on the club Facebook page.

Diary dates

Have a safe week