The Coach


The Training Plan

A good set lined up this week with a focus on maintaining the technique improvements from drills right through to the end of the main set.


Mix it up

This week is a reasonably hard session that incorporates the drills as a focus between each of the sets. The purpose being that we continue to focus on technical improvement each time we begin the next set and not just at the start of the session.


Warm up

1-2 x 150-300m [50m bi-lateral, 50m breathe to natural side, 50m breathe to unnatural side]

The set

2-4 x 650m

100m @ CSS (tempo) – head position

200m PB & Paddles – Vertical forearm, push in 2nd half of the stroke

50m @ CSS – 5 (hard) – hold the technique

100m PB & Paddles – Vertical forearm, 2nd half push

50m Paddles @ CSS – 5 (hard) – hold the technique

Leave the paddles on

50m for each drill. ½ -> ¾ length drill, swim to the end

Swim on side (½ length, then normal swim) L R Keep the ear next to the shoulder while breathing. Breathe without lifting the head
Single arm with paddle (½ length, then normal swim) L R Keep the trailing arm by your side. Breath to your working arm side. Focus on vertical forearm, not dropping the elbow
Tap-tap-pull Focus on keeping the elbow high whilst dropping the hand, wrist and forearm. Generate push in 2nd half of the stroke


Cool down

Very easy, mixed strokes freestyle, breaststroke


This is a great video to explain how to improve the pull phase of the stroke, highly recommended watching. Especially the second half.