BananaMan Teams 2014 Announced

BananaMan Teams 2014 Announced


Can you follow in the footsteps of the Clydesdale Team? 

Thanks for being patient with us as we figure out the puzzle that is putting teams together. We are still short a couple of people (see at the end), so it would be great if we could get another team time trial member or a runner for the relay. But for now, this is what we’ve got and we have a couple of people on standby just in case things change. (But as I’m not seeing all the Ironman Wales guys, maybe need to have a little gentle persuasion with Kenneth or Andrea? it would be great if we could put another team in !!! )

So – the teams are below. We’ve nominated a captain who will be in charge of registering the team and entering that ever so clever BTS Fill-in-the blank – Team Name. You’ll get the money back from your team members and get the final amount back from the club after the race. If anyone on your team drops out, let us know and we can help you find a sub. But until there’s a sub found, the person dropping out is responsible for the entry fee. Don’t worry, we can usually help you find a sub. We just need you to be motivated to help us find one! (TTT costs £35, relay is £15 and both inlcude the first bbq of the day)

Looks like it is going to be quite competitive this year – both between clubs and within BTS. Don’t forget, you are racing for category prizes as well – I’m thinking we are going to have to introduce a master’s division this year. it will be fun, but who doesn’t want a chance to win something too!?!? Prizes galore I tell ya…. anyway, on with the show

Team Time Trial – Ladies
Louise Croxson, Laura Baylis, Kate McNeil  – Captain Baylis
Janice Caldwell, Angela Gregory, Michelle – Captain Janice

Team Time Trial – Mens
Paul Fitzpatrick, David Lightbourne, Rob Baylis – Captain Fitz
Ed Nunn, Gope Walker, Martyn Parrish – Captain Ed
Richard File, Dan Brasier, David Hough – Captain Dan
Guy Grewal, Matt Whitehouse, Matt Eckett – Captain Grewal

Team Time Trial – Mixed
Team Weeks (Chris, Hayley, Nicky)
Julia Hodkinson, Ralph Moore, Colin Surgeon – Captain tbc

Relay – Ladies
Christina Poulton (swim), Jo Weatherall (bike), Lynda Hart (run) – Captain Hart
Vicki Hazel (swim), Sharon Fox (cycle), Katy Walker (run) – Captain Katy
Joanne- Martyn’s gal (swim), Heather (cycle), Barbara (run) – Captain Heather

Relay – Mens
Philip Mason (swim), Paul Mason (bike), Neil Potter (run) – Captain Paul
Chris Harris (swim), Phil H (bike), Jon Williams(run) – Captain Chris
Mat Whittingham (swim), Ian W (bike), Steve Fuller (run) – Captain Fuller

Needing a team
Rob Dare – Team Time Trial or a Relay Swim/Bike
Kevin Spence –Team Time Trial or a Relay Swim/Bike
Chris Taylor – Bike

Okay gang -the teams are out there – next step is to get registered and get your team kit together (and if you could let me know when you register, that would be great). I’ll try to get email addresses together and start sending emails only to those involved so the rest of BTS doesn’t get spammed with our logistics.

Time to start training…